Monday, March 2, 2009

Mexico, A Failed Country

The "official", probably understated, death toll is now in for February's. No, I am not talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, Bagdad, or Kabul . I am talking about Juarez, Mexico (across the Rio Grande from where I am typing this).

250 people were murdered in Juarez (not all of Mexico, just Juarez) in the short month of February, in the continuing drug cartel violence. The governor of Chihuahua (Mexican state in which Juarez is located) is quoted today as having a "goal" (like cutting the deficit in half) of withdrawing the Mexican army from Juarez by the end of his term (2010), and turning law enforcement back over to the police. Good luck.

The violence has been getting worse, with the army supporting the Mexican police. The governor was attacked, and a bodyguard killed. A mere threat from the drug cartels put the mayor of Juarez "on the run", and "hiding out".

Mexico is a failed country.

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