Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi's Corporate Jet to Hell: Will She Take Warren Buffet With Her?

There was an entry in the past weeek about the incredible arrogance of Nancy Pelosi, and the leftist Democrats in her office. In case youhave forgotten, or did not hear, Nancy Pelosi and her office acted like petulant children when the U.S. military failed to have her favorite jet constantly available, at her beck and call. As Speaker of the House, "Total Failure" Pelosi has access to U. S. military planes for travel.

This kind of arrogance, and sense of "entitlement", is typical of leftists in power. But you may have missed one of the main points here (to be addressed again in the next two entries on Warren Buffet--this week's recipient of the coveted/dreaded Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate). President Obama and Democratic politicians, including Nancy Pelois, have trashed compainies like GM, AIG, and various banks for maintaining corporate jets for their executives--as if there is no legitimate business use for a corporate jet.

If there is no legitimate use for a corporate jet, what is Nancy Peolis doing with--in effect--a corporate jet provided and maintained by the U. S. taxpayer--to the point of Pelosi's office complaining when it is not immediately available to here ever whim.

It is just more evidence that leftist Democrats are the worst sanctimonious hypocrites to ever walk the Earth--along with the mainstream news media (see the entry entitled: "Andrea Mitchell is a whore.").

Now you can argue that there are reasons from the Speaker of the House (3rd in line to the Presidency) to have the taxpayer provide jet service (although no reasons for her to be so arrogant about it). That is the point, isn't it. If there are reasons that "Total Failure" Peolsi might find a jet useful in performing her duties, are there not reasons that the CEO of a corporation might find a jet useful in carrying out the business of the corporation? Of course there are. You only need go through the hassle of travelling by ordinary passenger airline to see how it might be necessary for a corporation's business to have a corporate jet available--rather than subject yourself to the vagaries of public ariline service. As Warren Buffet said (see next entry), if he can consummate a big deal through the use of a corporate jet, that is a major benefit to his company(s) and shareholders.

Just how hypocritical is it for President Obama, Pelosi, and the others to demonize corporate jets? Well, you don't get any more hypocritical, which is why these people are the worst, most dishonestly sanctimonious people to ever walk the Earth--bar none except the mainstream news media. President Obama, you will remember, also has access (all of the time) to a corporate jet (two, I think). Al Gore has one. Al Gore, of course, is probably the worst single hypocrite to ever walk the Earth--beyond even other leftists, although it takes a lot to deserve the title more than "Total Failure" Pelosi, President Obama and the rest. You will remember that President Obaama tried to single handedly destroy jobs in both Las Vegas and the corporate jet/private aviation industry by his comment that a corporate CEO has no business using his corporate jet for a tip to Las Vegas.

Therefore, when you read the next two entries explaining why Warren Buffet is receiving the Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate for still supporting Democrats (especially while absolutely trashing Obama), even while asserting Democrats are in the process of ruining the country.

Hypocrites like Nancy "Total Failure" Peosi are the kind of people Warren Buffet is "supporting", even while saying they are pursuing the wrong economic policies. To me, that makes Warren Buffet about as much of a stupid hypocrite as any of them--hence the award this week. It is useless to give the Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate to Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi. She deserves it almost every week, and everyone knows how bad/dumb she is. Warren Buffet still has a reputation to lose, and as far as I am concerned he should lose it.

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