Sunday, March 29, 2009

President Obama Fires GM CEO (Short Version)

GM's Wagoner pushed outChief executive of eight years reportedly asked to leave by Obama."

The above is the present headline on (in case you doubted my suggeston in the previous entry that President Obama basically "fired" the CEO of GM. Drudge is presently carrying virtually the identical sotry. While I am sure you will hear varying versions of this tomorrow, the above headline should scare you to death (even though I do think GM management incompetent, which is why GM should have been allowed to fail--at least in terms of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy).

It is the sheer, central planning arrogance of President Obama which should give you nightmares. For the long version, see the previous entry. For the short version, merely contemplate seriously the above and feel the chills run up and down your body.

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