Sunday, March 22, 2009

Children: Sex and the Great, Disastrous Social Experiment

One of the news items last week was that out of wedlock births have now gone above 40% of all births. Back when I grew up (entered high school in 1960), of course, more than 60% of teenage girls were VIRGINS when they graduated high school.

I have accurately told you before that if the Revolutionary War had the kind of results that the sexual "revolution" has had, we would either still be British or we would have taken the insane path of the French Revolution and the guillotine (depending on which anaology you find more apt--the point being that the sexual "revolution" has been an absolute disaster for the health of our society and the well being of our children). While statistics can lie, these statistics are overwhelming. Children are being told more about sex and sex "education" than they ever have ween told in the past, and the out of wedlock births keep going up.

The difference between 1960 (even more true of 1955) and today is striking. There is more support, especially among the leftist elements of our society that have brought us to this p;oint, for GAY MARRIAGE today than there is for heterosexual marriage. Teenage sex is now regarded as "normal", and the people advocating this point of view--who have blood on their hands (Dr. Dean Eddell, this means you)--ridicule any attempt to campaign against non-marital, teenage sex.

Nope. This is NOT "inevitable". For most of our history as a nation, it was not so. Even when I went to high school (and the sexual "revolution" was about to take off in earnest--in full flower by f970), most girls DIDN'T. And the statistics are overwhelming that our society was HEALTHIER then. Certainly, our children were better off.

We are conducting a great social experiment on our children, and our children will be darn lucky to survive it. Our society will be lucky to survive it. I am a pessimist. I don't think we are going to survive it, without major upheaval. We are undermining marriage, both by such things as gay marriage and by the complete separation of sex and marriage (even as sex still results in pregnancy). Yet, it is almost beyond dispute that there is nothing more important to the raising of a well adjusted child than a two parent family. It is beyond dispute that the destruction of the African-American family (mainly by leftists policies and attitudes, where slavery had not succeeded in that destruction) is the primary reason that so many African-Americans children are stuck in an almost hopeless situation. Now we are conducting the same experiment on all of our society.

Nope. Again it is NOT true that we could do nothing about it. What is true is that nothing we can do will turn the situation around on a dime. It took about 40 years to get in this revolting situation. There is no way to immediately change things. But they can be changed.

If you doubt this, look at the anti-smoking campaign. It is now more than 40 years old. For the first two decades of that campaign, progress was very slow. Then it took off. It can be done with sex and marriage. But we are really not trying, because the "establishment" position still is that everyone now has a "right" to sexual expression, and that our main "goal" should be to have sex without adverse consequences. Too bad that is impossible.

Sex (oon-marital kind) is hazardous to the health of children. Tis social experiment is likely to create whole generation's of "lost" children, as we encourage nto only single parents, but sexual practices which will further destroy the lives of our children.

Sex (non-marital kind) is definitely more unhealthy for children than smoking. Oh, I have no doubt smoking is unhealthy. I have never smoked, although my mother smoked most of her life (and how is on oxygen because her lungs are so bad). However, as the case of my 87 year old mother indicates, smoking kills you (generally) SLOWLY. Sex ruins the lives of young people while they are still young.

You should ask yourself about that 40% of children now being born out of wedlock (including even Bristol Palin, who said that sex for young--under 18--teenagers these days is "accepted"): What will the lives of these children be like? How will those lives compare with te lives of children in the 1950's raised--generally--in two parent families--even African-American children? If you answer honestly, you shuld be vastly concerned about this vast social experiment we are conducting on the children being born today.

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