Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senator Charles Schumber and AIG: Hypocrisy and Evil, Self-Serving Posturing Go Nuclear!!!

Senator "Chuck" Schumer (Dem., N.Y.) is an evil hypocrite. He is the worst, most partisan political hack in Washington. Those are facts--not even really opinion The guy is bad, and I don't care if you think I am too harsh. It is impossible to be too harsh about Senator Schumer (which can be said about most Senators, Democrat and Republican). But is Schumer really the worst hypocrite to ever walk the Earth? There it is a matter of opinion, simply because the competition is so stiff these days from other leftist politicians and the mainstream media.

What am I talking about? See the immediately previous entry. Earlier today, Senator Schumer foamed at the mouth THREATENING the people at AIG who accepted the 165 million dollars in bonuses. What in the Hell is a U.S. Senator doing THREATENING private citizens? Is this not a violation of "due process of law", and "equal protection of the laws"? Frankly, I would like to threaten Senator Schumer, but I have more class than he does (and not as much power). Yep. Senator Schumer actually said that SENATORS were writing an "official" letter to the AIG employees who got these bonuses to the effect that they had better give back the money, because Senator Schumer--and his colleagues--were going to make sure they didn't get to keep it anyway (shades of the lying, "phony soldier" letter to Rush Limbaugh's employer, where the Senate of the United States tried to get a private citizen fired over a fraudulent interpretation of a Limbaugh comment--a letter in which Schumer was involved, although Reid ended up as the point man).

How is Senator Schumer going to make sure these AIG employees don't get to keep their bonuses? Well, "Hitler" Schumer said that the Seante was going to make sure that at least 90% of the money was TAKEN from these employees by taxes. In other words, Schumer was saying that the U.S. Government--if Schumer has his way--is going to impose special taxes on specific individuals.

Have I told you that leftists do not believe in the Constitution? Of course I have. Senator Schumer has just proved it again. "Equal protection of the laws"? "Due Process"? Prohibition of ex post facto laws? Prohibition of impairment of contracts? Prohibition of taking property without due process of law? All of those are in the Constitution. Senator Schumer does not care. He just wantst to "get" those ecmployees of AIG who have dared to embarrass him.

Yes, this is where the hypocrisy goes nuclear. It has been known for a year or so that AIG was planning to give these "retention" bonuses. Secretary of Treasury Geitner knew it. Any interested person knew it. Remember the initial Paulson bailout bill? Well, Senator Schumer was on e of those who suggested that Congress had made everyone "accountable", and had not given a "blank check". Candidate Obama said the same thing. It was a lie. AIG was not prohibited, in any of these "bailout", or "stimulus", bills from giving these bonuses.

It gets worse. How could it possibly get worse, you ask? Easy. This is Congress, and leftist Democrats, we are talking about.

Senator Schumer failed to prevent AIG from giving bonuses in the original "Paulson" bailout bill (written by Democrats in Congress). You say that may be so, but it was still the Bush Administration. Wait for it. It gets lots better. Remember the Obama/Democrat porkulus ("stimulus") bill? Well Democrats, including Schumer, made a big point of LIMITING salaries in corporations receiving taxpayer bailouts. However, Democratic Seantor Christopher Dodd added an amendment to this bill, in the Seante, exempting bonuses. Schumer voted for this bill, which specifically authorized AIG to give these bonuses, so long as they were under contracts existing before Febrary 11, 2009 (which these bonuses were). Senator Schumer AUTHORIZED these bonuses with his vote. By the way, Christophe Dodd is the same Democratic Senator who protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all of those years, along with Barney Frank in the House--thereby being one of the persons primarily responsible for our present mess--including AIG.

You see where this is going? Senator Schumer (and the rest of these Democrats--see again previous entry) are POSTURING because they have been caught with their pants down. They could have PREVENTED these bonuses by stopping these bailouts. They could have tried to put conditiions in the legislation. Instead, Senators Dodd, Schumer, and ther rest of the Democrats (plus those 3 Republicans) voted to AUTHORIZE AIG to do what it did.

This is what got Senator Schumer so mad. He could see Democrats being crucified on this. When leftists get in trouble like this--when the absurdity of Big Government is exposed--they resort to POSTURING. They want to make the AIG employees VILLAINS--even though the employees had stayed with a sinking ship because of the prospects of these contractual bonuses--in the works for maybe a year. Nope. This is hypocrisy, and evil, on a nuclear scale. This applies to all of the politicians trying to make the villains the AIG employees. The villains here are the politicians who started us down this socialist/bailout road, and are accelerating. This "anger" (like that of Senator Schumber) is to DEFLECT people from the real villains.

See my previous entries over the last two days. EVERY member of Congress should be thrown out, including Senator Schumer--certainly every member who voted for ANY of thiese bailout/"stimulus" bills. That is what scares these Senators: that the public will realize this. That is the reason for the nuclear scale hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty.

P.S. Do I approve of the AIG bonuses? Of course not. But they are minor stuff in comparison with the overall bailout. The evil here is the bailouts. The bonuses are just an example of why the government has no business using taxpayer money to bail SOME companies out (but not others, such as my brother's trucking company, Shippers Transport, which has been forced to cease operations). If I were "in charge, there would have been no bonuses. That is because AIG would have been in bankruptcy, with no taxpayer money involved, and presumably the bankruptcy judge would not have allowed thiis magnitude of "bonus"

P. S. 2: Do you realize what Senator Schumer is saying that he has a "right" to do, if he can get other, self-serving politicians to go along with him? He is saying that HE can use the power of the Ferderal Government to go after INDIVIDUALS, even to the extent of devising special taxes JUST FOR CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS. If that does not send a chill down your spine, nothing will And leftists called President Bush a "dicatator"!!!!!!!!! .

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