Monday, March 16, 2009

Warren Buffet, Traitor; Rush Limbaugh, Patriot?

Did you realize that Warren Buffet said last week that he wanted President Obama to "fail", in the same way that Rush Limbaugh said that he wanted President Obama to "fail": namely both Buffet and Limbaugh want Obama's policies to fail to get enacted. The difference is that Buffet pretty much removed all of the sting, and effectiveness, from his comments by emphasizing that he, Buffet, still strongly stupports Obama. For this betrayal of his country--putting political allegiance above country--Warren Buffet is the recipient of this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate for outstanding stupidity. See later entry today.

Warren Buffet, of course, is a legendary stock market investor and billionaire with an almost unmatched reputation for business and stock market genius. He is in the process of tarnishing that reputation. As with most big business/stock market types, Buffet has revealed himself to be a leftist who does not really believe in free market theory or limited government. That is why so many of these people supported Obama, and why so many embraced the new "bailout" culture, where the Federal Government is looked at as the vehicle to "solve" all of our problmes--to "save" us, which is why we need a Messiah like Obama. Since most of us realize that a normal man is not capable of "saving" us by making all of our decisioins for us, the man--Obama--chosen to be our Savior has to be a Messiah. Only the Messiah could take on the task--which history shows is impossible--of saving us all by central planning. I digress (not really).

Warren Buffet's problem is that he is one of the priests of the Age of Obama--one of the newly minted fascists/Communists/socialists on Wall Street. Remember, economic fascism is defined as "socialism with a capitalist veneer". But Warren Buffet still has the financial mind that made him all of that money. Therefore, he is a priest who does not entirely believe his own new religion, but is unwilling to renounce his new Messiah. Thus, Warren Buffet made the following devastating criticism of President Obama last week--fully as devastating as anyting Rush Limbuagh has said about Obama (Buffet making these points in the process of saying that the economy has fallen off of a cliff, and that Obama needs to be concentrating on helping the economy recover, rather than getting distracted with an overall leftist agenda):

1. Card check. See Saturday's entry. "Card Check" is that forced unionization legislation so beloved of Democrats, because it helps them gain more POWER (their real religion). "Card check" is actually worse than I fully described on Saturday. It not only prevents a secret ballot (exposing leftists as not believing in democracy or the secret ballot), but really prevents any real vote. Instead, union organizers merely have to get enough workers to sign a CARD choosing the union, and the union is forced on the company. In other words, union "organizers" can confront workers at home, in the parking lot, or anywhere and demand they sign a card. This is an open invitation to intimidation. You do not have to imagine thugs in baseball bats to understand the intimidation here. How many workers have the willpower to stand up to people pushing a card in their face repeatedly. It is easier to sign the damn card, even if you do not really want the union. What is funny (laugh so you don't cry) here is that unions say this betrayal of democracy is necessary because employers have been too successful at "demonizing" unions, and convincing workers to vote (secretly) against unions because they have been told so many untruthful things about unions. This, according to leftists, is "intimidation" on the part of employers. Thus, leftists are again exposed as not believing in free speech. The leftist idea is that anyone who does not believe in leftist ideas is being "brainwashed" (like by talk radio), and that such "brainwashing" is not really "free speech". Q.E.D. Leftists do not believe in democracy or free speech. I digress again (not really).

Warren Buffet cited "Card Check" as one of those distractions that will hurt the economy, at this time of crisis, rather than help it. Forcing American companies to be less competitive, because of forced unionization, is hardly the way to address a deep recession. Buffet recognized that reality, while "supporting" President Obama. Warren Buffet, remember, is supposed to be one of those economic advisers to whom President Obama promised to "listen". Good luck on that one.

2. Cap and Trade. This is the "global warming" TAX that will raise your electric bill more than the 13 dollars a week you are getting because of Obama's payroll tax credit. Buffet recognized that Cap and Trade is an absolute disaster during a recession. It virtually dooms entrie American industries, and raise's everyone's utility bills (and other costs as all "carbon" emitting businesses face a huge new tax). Buffet fully understands that this idea is simply insane during a recession (not good at any time--my editorial comment and not what Buffet said, although I would bet Buffet believes it).

3. Corporate jets. Warren Buffet not only uses corporate jets (despite "global warming"--but Al Gore does the same), but owns a company that is in the business of providing corporate jets. Buffet fully understands how a corporate jet could be good business, and cited himself as an example. If a corporate jet can help Warren Buffet close a big deal, how is that bad for the shareholders (or our country)? Buffet admitted bias here. But my question is: Does Buffet still "support" Nancy Pelosi--that hypocrite who wants the military to have a "corporate" jet available at all times, but is part of the leftist chorus trying to do in the private aviatioin business. See Sunday's entry (both Saturday's entry and Suday's entry were intended as lead ins to this entry on Warren Buffet). In other words, Buffet attacked Obama's crusade against corporate jets as wrong headed, jsut like the "card check" proposal and "bap and trade"

4.. Remember President Obama, responding to criticism, saying that we can do more than one thing at the same time (seeming to suggest that it is like walking and chewing gum at the same time). Well, Warren Buffet is one of the people who recognizes that President Obama is merely being stupid. It is not a qustion of doing multiple things at the same time, although it is absurd to suggest that is not a problem. The more things you try to do at once, the bigger the cahnce that you will mess up all of them. But the problem is more basic than that.

Buffet went on to suggest that Obama needed to be concentrating directly on "saving" the economy (as the Messiah should), rather than trying to do too much. The problem, however, is not just trying to do too much (although that might be fatal in itself). The problem is that some of the things you do may undermine the other things you are trying to do. To use Buffet's own example, "cap and trade" will undermine economic recovery. It puts a direct burden on our economy. It is a disaster. Ditto with "card check". Ditto (on a smaller scale) with trashing corporate jets (destroying jobs in the private aviation business). Ditto with health care (I think mentioned by Buffet, and it certainly should have been). How can we afford a massive new "entitlement" program at the same time our deficit is out of control due--partly--to the conomy. Will this excessive spending, which will eventually come out of the private economy, not end any hope of a real recovery? Of course it will. Buffet recongizes that. Obama evidently does not.

But Thus, Warren Buffet, like Rush Limbaugh, says that President Obama is going to ruing the country, unless he is forced to "fail" in enacting these counterproductive policies. But Warren Buffet then throws his own country under te bus, in an act of betrayal (moral treason), by saying that he "supports" President Obama, and suggesting--in effect--that we all should support President Obama. In other words, Warren Buffet puts suppporting President Obama ahead of his country--joining the mainstream media in that view.

As far as I can tell, Buffet is leaving our fate int he hands of the Messiah. Oh, Buffet is suggesting that Obama should rethink some of these things. But what if Obama fails to "rethink", and pushes ahead on all of these things (as he appears to be doing)? Well, Buffet seems to be saying that we then have to trust Obama to know what is best. Buffet hardly suggested that people should oppose Obama's disastrous policies, even if it meant wanting Obama to "fail".

Is Rush Limbaugh more of a patriot than Warren Buffet--even though they both believe the same things about the above policies of President Obma? How can you dout it. Rush Limbaugh is willing to stand up for his country, against popular sentiment and vicious attack. Warren Buffet, on the other hand, is willing to sell his own country down the river to avoid standing against the policies of President Obama that Buffet suggests wil ruin the country. Who is the patriot?

I vote for Rush Limbaugh.

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