Tuesday, March 17, 2009

President Obama, Liar (Guest Villain: Jim Owens, CEO of Caterpillar)

Remember President Obama's speech at that Caterpillar plant? That is the speech where Obama had the CEO of Caterpillar there with him, and said that the CEO had told Obama that all it would take to start HIRING workers back was for Congress to pass Obama's "stimulus" bil.

That was a lie. The CEO of Caterpillar said so after the speech, when he said that it was likely that Caterpillar would lay off more workers before it was ever able to hire any back--whether the "stimulus" bill was passed or not. That was the truth.

Yep. Today, Caterpillar laid off 2400 workers, making a liar out of Obama.

Now BOTH President Obama and Jim Ownes (CEO of Caterpillar) received the this blog's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate for this lie. That was because the CEO was hardly very strong in disavowing Obama. Obama, of course, did his usual thing: Issuing a statement saying that what he said was consistent with what the CEO said later (it was not), and then promptly forgetting he had ever said it (Obama forgetting, that is, supported by a similar lack of memory by the mainstream news media).

Yep. This entry is related to the entries today, and blog entries for the past several days. These "bailouts" and "stimulus bills" were supposed to "save" us, and we have been told multiple lies to advance that agenda--lies in effect "justified" by the end justifying the means. This whole AIG mess merely proves how far we have gone off the rails. If our country were a train, it would now be heading through a swamp without the aid of tracks.

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