Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Omnibus 410 Billion Dollar Spending (Pork) Bill: Republican Party, R.I.P.; President Obama, Liar

Democrats held over the spending bill from the last administration (the Bush Administration) because they could not get all of the spending they wanted (including 8500-9000 "earmarks"). Candidate Barack "World" Obama promised "no more earmarks". We now learn that candidate Obama was a liar (as previously established in this blog). How bad does a spending bill have to be that President Bush (Big Spender that he was), and the Republican big spenders in Congress, refused to let it become law in the previous administration? Pretty bad--really bad.

Oh, Obama always has an "excuse", when he does not just ignore that what he said yesterday is not the same as what he said today. The porkulus ("stimulus") bill was one large earmark bill (necessary to save the economy, even though the "stimulus" in the bill is minimal). This omnibus spending bill is, according to liar Obama, supposedly "left over" fromt he previous administration. Problem: the very purpose of the Democrats in refusing to pass a spending bill for the entire year, making this second spending bill necessary, was to make this bill the creature of the NEW ("change") administration, rather than let it be a Bush bill. Note, also, how Obama ignores that he was part of the Senate, and part of the earmark problem in the first place. Obama, in fact, consistently acts like he had no responsibility at all to do anything to help this country when he was in the Senate. I guess that is because he did not regard himself as a real Senator, but always as a candidates for President.

As previously stated in this blog, the Republican Party is dead. Not only are 40% of the earmarks in this bill Republican earmarks, but Republicans are careful tp always give the Democrats just enough votes to pass the bill (while trying to protect their political future by having ALMOST all of the Republicans be able to say they "opposed" this out of control spending). That is why I said long ago in this blog: I AM NO LONGER A REPUBLICAN.

I am on to this game, cynic that I am. It is an old political game. Republicans (most of them; especially the true Republican establishment ones) do not really want to block President Obama. They think that is dangerous to their political future. But they know that people like me despise them already, and will despise them more if they support all of this spending. Therefore, Republicans carefully arrrange for just enough Republicans--part of the arrangement is knowing how many Democrats, for their own political reasons, are going to make their own political point, in basically a deal with the Republicans--to vote for Obama/Democrat legislation to make sure the legislation passes. However, most of the Republicans get to tell the people back home that they did their "best" (lol) to block the disastrous Big Government spending.

As I say, I am on to this game, and it does not impress me. Republican Party, R.I.P. It is an absolutely dead party, and these political games--I am convinced--do not impress anyone. That is why Rush Limbaugh is now the de facto spokesman for conservatives in the country--rather than anyone in the Republican Party. It is why Rush is now the real "head" of the real Republicans in this country. Republicans have only themselves to blame. The Republican establishment brought this on themselves.

Nope. It would not matter if there were more Rubicons in the Senate. There would still be just enough votes to pass Obama's legislation (perhaps with some cosmetic, rather than real, changes). That is why, aas far as I am concerned, there is no reason to have any Repubican in the U.S. Senate. None of them are doing conservatives any good. I have made one of those correct predictions in this blog, and make it again: NO REPUBLICAN PRESENTLY SERVING INN THE U.S. SENATE WILL EVER BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I basically think that applies to the House as well.

No, I coninue to stand by my resolution to never vote for a Republican the rest of my lifetime--absent a conservative coup taking over the Republican Party. These political games just make me more angry at the Republican Party than I have ever been, and I was angry before.

Don't ask me for money. You won't get it.

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