Friday, March 20, 2009

President Obama: Gutter Ball; Sarah Palin: Strike--Bowling and the Special Olympics

Sarah Palin is a better person than President Obama. I am willing to state that flatly and bluntly, from the evidence of her life--as well as the evidence of the pat few days. Okay. Sarah Palin is a better person than me, by a longshot, but that is hardly an issue, is it?

Certainly I can prove the above statement. Sarah Palin had a Down's Syndrome baby, wehn she could have had an abortion. That is not even the important part. Sarah Palin had that baby JOYFULLY, at least to all appearances, without treating herself as a victim or her baby as a worthless thing.

Meanwhile, President Obama went on Jay Leno's "Tonight" show and said something about the special Olympics that was worse than what Don Imus said about the Rutgers basketball team--worse, because Imus' over the top comments were clearly meant as a direct joke about the Rutgers baskeball team (women's), even if a hurtful joke. President Obama's offhand comments about the Special Olympics seemed to represent how he really feels about the Special Olympics, since the comment came so naturally to him. If you have not seen it, Jay Leno aseked Obama about his bowling. Obama--without his usual teleprompter, said he has been practicing (obviously in place of figuring out what to do with the economy), but thjat he still looked like he was "in the Special Olympics" (or words to that effect). Funny, huh?--NOT.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was presenting a supporting video to the Special Olympics, and posting the video on her website. In that video, Palin says she is looking forward to seeing Trig (her son) compete in the Special Olympics, and is glad such a thing exists for him to have the same opportunity to engage in sports as "normal" people. Further, Palin says that the goal of all parents is to have a "prefect" child, and how she is so glad her son turned out to be "perfect" (a pllay on the word, and a pre-emptive slap at Obama, without even knowing what he was going to say). In other words, of course, Sarah Palin is saying that a Down's Syndrome child is just as "perfect" as other children, despite the handicap. You can regard this as so much pap, if you are a cynic, but it is miles closer to being correct than the attitude of President Obama. Apologies, of course, did Imus no good. They would have done President Bush no good, if he had said what Obama said. But the mainstream media has old its soul to the Devil, and therefore are perfectly willing to let Obama slide. I digress (not really). The point is that Sarah Palin has p[roven herself a better person that President Obama.

Q.E.D. It is demonstrated. Note I am not saying that this proves Sarah Palin would have been a better President. President Obama is proving that, in multiple other ways, every single day--mainly because absolutely no one could be a worse President.

Where did the reference to "Gutter Ball" in the heading come from? That is Drudge (you gotta love Drudge). Drudge's headline this morning, under a pciture of Obama, was "Guitter Ball"--referring directly to Obama's comment to Jay Lenao. The Sarah Palin comparison is mine.

P.S. I am somewhat ambivalent about the Special Olympics myself, but I am not an industrial grade hypocrite, like President Obama and most of the rest of you leftists out there. See the previosu entry, and my multiple entries over the years establisheing that leftists are the worst hypocrites ever to walk the Earth. I am ambiguous abut the concept of the Special Olympics for the very reason that it leads to a reaction like that of Obama. Is it not condescending to handicapped persons. I don't think the concept is logical. What about a golf tournament for person's who are CRIPPLED (even if, for example, in a car accident that mangled their hands or legs). What about normal people with absolutely NO athletic ability? I just think that it treats the handicapped too much as victimcs to suggest that we should have special events just for them, where the "winners" will presumably be those who are LEASAT handicapped. "But", you sputter, "these young people deserve to be able to compete in sports just like anybody else. The joy is in the competing, and not in winning or losing". Uh-huh. Tell it to Vince Lombardi, when you see him in Heaven. As revealed numberous times in this blog, I will not be seeing him there. Of course, neither will most of you leftists out there--especially in the mainstream media. I digress again. I told you I was not nearly as nice a person as Sarah Palin. It should disturb you that I MAY be a nicer person than Barack "World" Obama!!!! The point does bother me. Would I deny Down's Syndrome children the pleasure of competing, and getting whatever joy outof life that brings them? I am conflicted. I can see both sides, and even I can see that the Special Olympics have a potential for good (so long as Obama and the really fanatic "victim's rights" leftists stay out of it). Let Sarah Palin run it, and I think the whole idea could do much more good than harm. And I trust that is true of the people who are running it. Let Barack Obama, or someone like him, control the Special Olympics, and they become just another, condescending, insulting, "feel good" device for self-interest (of professional "charity" people) and expiation of guilt the easy way.

P. S. 2: I have previously "dissed" religion in this blog, if not in the arrogant, insulting way of the left (including the left who profess to be "religious", like Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi. Now I have (mildly) "dissed" the Sepcial Olympics. Let me see, is there anything else I can do to offend absolutely EVERYBODY out there? Let me know.

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