Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax Code as a Weapon? RECALL CONGRESS. Watch Out Alex Rodriguez! Eric Cantor Needs to GO (Republican Congressman)!

It is time to "impeach" Congress for gross violations of the Constitution Except you can't "impeach" Congress, because that is a word that only applies to something Congress can do with the Executive and Judicial branches--mainly the President himself Further, asking members of Congress to "impeach" themselves would be futile, because these people do not have the honor of those Japanese mentioned in that over the top suggestion to AIG employees by one REPUBLICAN Senator. No member of Congress is going to "fall on his or her sword" as a matter of honor. These people have NO honor. They don't even recognize honor. You can count the members of Congress with ANY honor on the fingers of one hand. It is time to throw ALL of the bums out--every single, solitary one of them now in office--Republicans and Democrats. But we should not even wait for that.

No, you can't "impeach" members of Congress--at least in the government itself. However, most states have a provision for RECALL of elected officials. It is time for their constituents to take up their pitchforks and go to Washington (Dracula's castle--these people ARE vampires) and remove the blood suckers bodily from the premises. AIG people are mere annoyances in comparison with these people in Congress.

As to this recall, I am talking specifically about recalling every single member of Congress who voted either for this "stimulus" bill or for this outrageous, unconstitutional bill to CONFISCATE the money of those AIG employees who received bonuses (AS AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS--the Dodd Amendment to the truely outrageous "stimulus" bill).

As this blog has said, leftists are the worst, most sanctimonious hypocrites to ever walk the Earth. The House, including 85 Republican, has just asserted the "right" to individually use the tax code as a WEAPON against individual people they don't like. Further, they have doe so as a Hitlerian, dictatorial effort to DEFLECT public anger from themselves (where it belongs). If the tax code can be used to PUNISH people members of Congress do not like, or who members of Congress are pretending not to like for their own self-serving purposes, then this country is doomed. Further, the country deserves to be doomed. But we still can save our souls by revolting against these people (NOT AIG employees, but members of Congress). If we fail to do so, then we deserve what we get.

Yes, every single member of Congress who votes for this outrageous bill should be RECALLED (if possible), and certainly defeated in the next election. That includes Eric Cantor of Virginia, a supposed "rising star" among Republicans. You need no further evidence as to why the Republican Party is DEAD.

Now that we know (members of Congress have just told us so--including Senators like Charles Schumer who have not voted on the bill yet) that the tax code can be USED as a naked weapon against people we don't like (or pretend not to like), I have some suggestions.

You know Alex Rodriguez? Yes, the baseball player from the New York Yankees who has admitted using steroids. Well, I think it is time to tax 90% of his ill-gotten earnings (which means a tax rate above 100%, if he lives in New York City). Alex Rodriguez has betrayed our children by setting the wrong example, and he has CHEATED. Of course it does not matter that what he did was legal at the time. So was what the AIG employees did.

And Roger Clemens? Why bother to prosecute him and put him in jail? Just tax all of his income--TARGET HIM. Make him POOR. Don't even leave him enough to eat. You will remember that he is accused of lying to Congress on his use of steroids. Barry Bonds? Off with his head (although I am suggesting worse--making him POOR). Look at the BEUTY of using the tax code as a weapon (not lost on the members of Congress urging it as a weapon of POWER to help them keep their own power). The "wrongdoers" are not only punished, but the government gets the money (reducing the outrageous deficit that Congress is imposing on us with their out of control spending).

Members of Congress? Does anyone think they are doing a good job, or out for anyone but themselves? I doubt if, in their inner souls, even they think so. TAX THEM. Tax them at 90%. They clearly do not "deserve" the money!!!! If you think they will not vote to take away their own salaries completely (you are surely right), surely their ares ome rich members of Congress willing to introduce a bill to tax Congressional salaries above the median level of salaries in the country at large at a rate of 70%. Could these COWARDS in Congress really vote against such a bill? I would like to see them do it, anyway, which would expose them for the outrageous hypocrites they are.

You don't like your neighbor? Easy solution. Get your member of Congress to vote to TAX HIM into the poor house!!!

You can see where this is going. You don't think anyone should earn more than $100,000? Why should Derek Jeter earn that much money? Puljous? Oil company executives? GM executives (even before the bailouts)? Hollywood stars, directors, etc.? Tax away every penny they earn over $100,000.00. Of course this means that they will have no "incentive" to earn more than $100,000.00. But this is the road down which we are heading, in the Age of Obama, even before this outrageous House vote using the Tax Code as a weapon. Tax increases do NOT increase revenue, for this reason. But they satisfy people's EMOTIIONS (at least politicians think they do).

Notice how hypocritical leftists really are (the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth). They talk about Bush being a "dictator", and willing to disregard the Constitution to "punish" and fight terrorists. Yet, leftists are willing to vote for, and support, the most outrageous violations of the Constitution, putting EVERYONE'S freedom at risk, whenever they think it will advance their own POWER.

Nope. I hve had it with these people (members of Congress). They all need to be RECALLED. Just hope that none of them ever have it in for YOU. There are now no bounds to the power these people are seeking, and asserting as their "right". YOU could be next in the cross hairs.

).S. 1: As stated before, I would not have paid any AIG employees any bonuses. That is because the company would have been in bankruptcy, if I were in charge, and all of these people out of a job. But I am not such a hypocrite, and so lacking in honor, as to be willing to simply PERVERT whatever power I have to punish people I don't like, and think should have been permitted to fail.

P.S. 2: If I lived in Eric Cantor's district, I would vote for his RECALLL, and against his re-election. Yes, I perfectly realize that this attitude might end up helping leftist Democrats, because their constituents are perfectly willing to vote for evil hypocrites, and willing to see the Federal Government in complete, arbitrary control of all of our lives. If we had national health care (coming, of course, and really almost here), DENY AIG EMPLOYEES HEALTH CARE. They don't deserve health care. They deserve to DIE. That is thie kind of thinking you get when you start down this road of arbitrary use of unlimited power. I refuse to be a part of it. If that means I have to vote against people like Eric Cantor (and John McCain--for his other crimes, as I don't know where he stands on taxing AIG employees as punishment), so be it. I put principle ahead of power, and will continue to do so. My present principle is that almost all members of Congress need to GO. That includes Eric Canor. Bite me, Eric.

P.S. 3: I have said before that I do not expect to vote for a Republican (or Democrat) again in my lifetime. I should clarify that I mean any present politician in office. I fully expect to vote AGAINST every single incumbent. As I have said, there may be a handful of members of Congress with actual principles. That does not include ANY Republican who voted for ANY of the "stimulus" or bailout bills, or who voted for this perversion of the Tax Code. Eric Cantor, this means YOU. If you ever run for national office, you will win over my dead body. To paraphrase Charlton Heston (on guns): They will have to pry the ballot voting againt you out of my cold, dead hands. We need a revolution, and half measures are no longer enough. We need a conservative coup in the Republican Party, or a conservative third party. I MIGHT make an exception for a conservative governor willing to lead a conservative coup (Bobby Jindal?). But I will not make one for the likes of Eric Cantor, or any of these members of Congress who need to be RECALLED.

P. S. 4: If your state does not have a law allowing recall of members of Congress elected in your state, you should enact one. Then use it.

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