Saturday, March 7, 2009

President Obama Rebukes/Condemns Soledad O'Brien and CNN

Did President Obama really "rebuke" Soledad O'Brien (racist that she has proven herself), and CNN (the Liar Network and a network of racists--see archives of this bog)? Yes, he did (in effect). He just did not directly name them.

A present headline on Drudge: "Obama rebukes Attorney General for calling Americans a "nation of cowards" on race".

Does this rebuke logically apply to Soledad O'Brien and CNN? Of course it does. As she did, in similar indefensible circumstances with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Soledad O'Brien DEFENDED Erick Holder's indefensible remark. I think it is safe to say that CNN generally refused to strongly criticize Attorney General Holder for his indensible remark, and basically defended him (perhaps only terming the phrasing as unfortunate).

Is not President Obama condemning Soledad O'Brien and CNN when he says, basically, that Holder's remark is indefensible? Of course he is, although CNN will never acknowledge it.

CNN did not really acknowledge it when Obama impliedly condemned their defense--featuring Soledad O'Brien again--of the indefensible statements of Reverend Wright. Obama said they were indefensible, as he cut himself off from Reverend Wright. CNN defended Reverend Wright up to the very end.

Now Obama's pattern on these things is indefensible in itself. Holder made his remark some weeks ago. Iti s no longer "hot "news". Obama did not "rebuke" Holder right after he made the remark. Obama waited WEEKS. He did the same thing with Reverend Wright. Obama waited MONTHS after Reverend Wright's most controversial remarks came out, and only condemned them when Reverend Wright repeated them again at a nationally televised event. The pattern is clear. Obama reads the tea leaves, and only, finally, "distances" himself from these remarks at a time when Obama thinks it is to his political advantage to do so. The remarks themselves do not bother him. It is the political effect that bothers him, and the political advantage of finally "distancing" himself that attracts him. CNN, of course, is there to defend this pattern, as well. To CNN, it just means that Obama is a "smart politician" (instead of a phony).

Do you realize that Obama just endorsed this blog as being right (along with all of conservative talk radio), and just told you that this blog is more right than the mainstream media? I bet your don't realize it. See lthis blog's entries, AT THE TIME, on the "nation of cowards" statement of Holder. In fact, Obama is saying that this blog is more right than Obama (duh!!!), since it took Obama so long to react. This blog, of course, named Soledad O'Brien and Attorney General Holder as winners of the coveted/dreaded Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate for the "nation of cowards" statement, and Soledad O'Brien's reaction to it.

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