Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Congress, President Obama, Eric Cantor, and Alex Rodriguez?: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate Points at YOU!!!!!

There was never any doubt about this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate. See last week's entry calling for a RECALL of every single member of Congress, including the 85 Republicans in the House, who voted for that Nazi bill to use the tax code as a personal weapon of Congress--asserting the "right" (unconstitutional--leftists not really believing in either the Constitution or freedom, except for leftists) to confiscate AIG bonuses by imposing a 90% tax (amounting to more than 100% for many of them--probably all of them--when you count all of the various taxes they pay).

This is perhaps the most EVIL bill ever to be proposed in the U.S. Congress. That is not only because the bill was a CYA (cover your ass) bill meant to COVER UP the vote by Congress to authorized the bonuses in the first place (part of the "stimulus" bill that no one in Congress read--as if that were an excuse!!!!). That aspect of the "tax weapon" bill made it truly an EVIL bill (Eric Cantor, this means YOU, as well as the leftist Democrats). But the bill was so bad because it set the precedent, even if it never becomes law, that Congress can use the Tax Code as a weapon to intimidate private citizens. This is the stuff of Nazi Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, and Orwell's "1984". "Big Brother" is not even an adequate term for how bad it is. It tells you how bad this bill is that it is only a subsidiary evil of the bill that it treats all money in the country as belonging to Cngress, which private citizens are allowed to keep only at the sufferance of Congress.

This bill is as bad as it gets, and I repeat my call for the RECALL of every member of the House who supported the bill, and every member of the Senate who has stated support for this concept (which would include Senator Charles Schumer and the rest.

Why is President Obama part of the group to get the Finger for this bill? I am not totally sure whether Obama supports this bill or not. That is part of the problem with Obama. Hes says different, and opposite, things every day--as if he does not remember what he said the day before. The truth is that he does not care what he said the day before.

It does not matter whether President Obama supports this particular bill. He LED the attempt to "demonize" AIG in a cynical attempt to deflect people away from the role his Administration played in the AIG bonuses. But it gets worse, as far as Obama is concerned. Over the weekend, he "doubled down" on the attacks on corporate America by suggesting that limiting executive compensation is now onw of his priorities. As usual with Obama, he suggested more than he probably will attempt--at least right now. He suggested that limits on executive compensation should go way beyond AIG, and perhaps beyond even banks receiving bailouts. The vagueness was intentional. Obama fully intended to give the idea that the compensation of every private executive in America should be limited. For that alone, Obama deserves the Finger. Thbis idea that the Federal Government should completely control our economy, and our very lives, is the great evil here. Obama is the leading exponent of that idea.

I threw in a ringer in the headline. Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankee third baseman) was NOT one of the ones at whom the Finger pointed. However, as this blog pointed out last week, Alex Rodriguez earns too much money. Why does he "deserve" to earn that much money? He has led NO team to a world series championship. More importantly, he CHEATED (even though it was legal at the time, as the AIG bonuses were legal, and specifically authorized by Congress and the Obama Administration). Alex Rodriguez took steroids, as did Barry Bonds and many of the other baseball players being paid so much. That set a terrible example for young people, and makes it unconscinable (using the AIG standard) to reward Alex Rodriguez with all of that money. WHY should not every baseball player who used steroids be taxed at the same 100% level proposed by Congress for AIG bonuses? Why should we not make an example of these people? Don't even get me started on Britney Spears or Michael Jackson. Why should people like that be allowed to earn so much money (even if they spend it all)? In fact, there is no one in Hollywood's, or the music industry, who I think "deserves" the money they make (okay, a Sodom and Gomorrah type search MIGHT turn up a few).

Nope. Once we go down the road of deciding who "deserves" to keep the money they receive, we will no longer be the United States of America. I wil go further. The mere fact that so many members of Congress felt that they could get away with this kind of unconstitutional, dictatorial actions and rhetoric indicates that we are already too far down this road. We are no longer the United States of America that used to exist. That is why I suggested a RECALL of Congress--to reclaim our country. It is beyond sad that we are now doing things we did not even do in the Great Depression--things which will eventually bring on the next Great Depression (or simply a Soviet style economic misery that lasts for decade after decade, with everyone being "poor" except for the few people favored by the central planners in charge).

The Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate is the award, represented by a statuette of a pointing INDEX finger, originated on the old "Laugh In" program. The Finger is given for conspicuous stupidity and/or evil that came to prominent light in the previous week. This blog has reincarnated the old Laugh In award, although no one connected with the old Laugh In is connected in any way with this reincarnation. The old Laugh In is merely the inspiration for this new version of the concept.

Award ceremony (as usual, entirely in the imagination, without even any graphics; which is why I suggest using the image of Dick Martin presenting the old Laugh In award solely as a visual aid to your imagination, even though Dick Martin has hacked into this blog complaining about the gratuitous use of his name--best not to thing about from where):

Imagine Dick Martin thrusting the statuette of the Finger at the camera, and saying: Congress (you know who your are, and you are almost ALL of the members of Congress), President Obama, and Eric Cantor (redundancy, but worthy of it), this is for you. You deserve it. In fact, no one in the history of this country has deserved it more.

P.S.: I hope Eric Cantor runs for some national office some time. It goes without saying that I will vote against ANY Republican or Democrat who supported this disgraceful bill. However, it will give me special pleasure to vote against Eric Cantor. I would not vote for hiim for dogcatcher of Mt. Ida, Arkansas (the small town where I spent most of my childhood). I would not vote for any of these people for dogcatcher of Mt. Ida. Mt. Ida deserves better.

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