Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christopher Dodd, Comedian (Guest Appearance by Don Imus)

It turns out that Christopher Dodd was responsible for the "Dodd Amendment" (authorizing the AIG bonuses) to the Obama "stimuulus" (porkulus) bill. Well, e all knew that. But it gets better. Senator Dodd is really a funny guy. It bets better.

His latest statement is that the Amendment in question was inserted in the bill--according to Dodd--by his STAFF at the request of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. It just doesn't get any funnier than this.

Don Imus (who I--justly--criticized for selling out to MSNBC and the politcally correct "establishment" more than a decade ago) actually destroyed Joe Lieberman on his readio program. Lieberman admitted that no one voting n the "stimulus" bill had actually read it, or knw what was in it. Lieberman, of course, said that: "We knew generally what was in it". Imuss' response: "That is like saying you 'generally' know what is in the Bible, but excusing your adultery by saying that you missed that part about 'thouu shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife". Or, I might add to what Imus said, maybe you missed that part about how "thou shalt not murder".

Now we have comedian Dodd admitting his STAFF was responsible for the Dodd Amendment, and throwing the Obama Administration under the bus. And every Democrat who voted for the "stimulus" bill is forced to admit he or she did not know what was in it--as if that excuses them instead of damning them (and the Obama Administration). It does not get any funnier than this.

P.S.: I do admire how Don Imus is handling his canceer diagnosis by deflating stupid questions. "How do you feel". "How do you think I fell. I don't feel very well" ("you idiot"). "This is what comes of eating a vegetarian diet for ten years. Now the idiots, who can always tell you why their recommended, guaranteed health measures did not work, are telling me I have too much 'stress' in my life"

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