Monday, March 2, 2009

President Barack "World" Obama: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate Points at YOU!!!!!

Yes, there was never any doubt. President Barack "World" Obama is this week's recipient of the Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate.

For those of you not in the know, the Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate (the Finger) is this blog's reincarnation (unauthorized and not involving anyone previously connected with the TV show) of the old "Laugh In" award for conspicuous stupidity/evil that came to light in the previous week.

What did President Obama do to cause the spinning Finger to stop as if it had hit the Rock of Gibraltar--pointing straight at President Obama? Nothing else was possible after President Obama proposed spending which will result in at least a 1.75 trillion dollar deficit for 2009, and at the same time held a really stupid "summit" on fiscal responsibility. Then President Obama gave a speech where, at the same time, he proposed all of this spending, while purporting to cut the deficit in half by 2013. How can you spend the most money ever spent by an American President, and at the same time promise to be fiscally resposible in the future. There is only one way. You have to have as much gall, and be as arrogant, as President Obama. No one ever deserved he Finger more.

Want more evidence? At the same time President Obama was spending trillions of dollars we do not have, while promising to be fiscally responsible in the future, he was embarking on expanding the "entitlement" programs, even though the ones we already have are heading for bankruptcy. Yes, President Obama proposed 634 billion dollars in health care spending over 10 years (a totally fictional amount, which will end up much higher), at the same time he criticized President Bush for spending money we did not have (saying we need to "pay as we go".

What can you say about that--say about a man who also says he is going to raise taxes (you can believe him on this) on the productive members of society starting in 2011 (you can believe him on this one), just as we will hopefully be coming out of the recession we are in? What can you say about a man who says that his goal is to cut a 2 trillion dollar deficit in half in two years, while inflating the present deficit to the point that this promise amounts to a goal of a one trillion dollar deficit by 2013 ("one half" being that much because the guy proposing that goal has raised the present deficit so high with addictive spending that will make even this "goal" impossible).

What can you say about a President like this, with this kind of destructive (to the country) kind of gall? Well, you can--and should--say that you want him to fail, like Rush Limbaugh correctly says. Any rational person wants President Obama to fail in transforming this country into a leftist "paradise" (anyone else's Hell). The mainstream media, of couse (evil hypocrites that they are) keeps ingoring what Limbaugh is really saying, and what President Obama is really doing, and equates "wanting Obama to fail" with "wanting the country to fail". No such equation is possible. As I have previously noted. President Clinton failed. Were you really under the impression he succeeded in getting his polices enacted? Do you not remember his huge health care failure? Failure for the President can mean success for the country, as the mainstream media will point out if a Republican is President. But the mainstream media are the worst, most sanctimonious, hypocrites to ever walk the Earth. So they can, and should, be ignored. These are the very same people who rooted for President Bush Bush to fail--openly.

The other answer to what we can say about a man like President Obama is that he deserves the Finger as few other people have ever deserved it. Remember, by the way, that the Finger is represented by a statuette of a pointing INDEX FINGER.

Award ceremony (again, a ceremony taking place entirely in the imagination, without even graphics, which is why I suggest using the image of Dick Martin presenting the Finger on the old "Laugh In" as a visual aid to your imagination):

Imagine Dick Martin thrusting the statuette of the Finger at the camera, and saying: President Obama, this is for you. You deserve it, and you deserve to fail in leading this country to Big Government, socialistic failure by spending trillions we do not have (money, which is the same as cash--quoting the immortal Yogi Berra).

P.S. This is a message from Dick Martin. It is best not to try to investigate where this message came from or how it came to be on this blog. Some things man is not meant to know: "I, Dick Martin, again object tot he author of this blog puttin words in my mouth. I don't want CNN (blog edotorial note: the Liar network) and MSNBC twisting this, and associating me with it. I did NOT say that President Obama deserves to fail. I am not even interested int hat kind of Earthly question any more. If this blog were to disappear, you will know that I am decided to take steps." (blog editorial note--showing lack of fear of Dick Martin: or, if this blog disappears, you will know that President Obama decided to take steps).

P.S. 2. President Obama is also imposing enormous costs on the country, in a bad recession, to promote this religion of "global warming" For that alone, he deserved the Finger. President Obama's proposed "stimulus" (not "stimuls" at all) is much more damaging to the econonomy than doing nothing.

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