Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Card Check" and Forced Unionization: Leftist Democrats Do Not Believe in the Secret Ballot, or Democracy

I have already established in this blog that teftists do not really believe in free speech, democracy (death penalty, abortion, gay marriage, etc.), or our Constitution (D.C. representative in Congress, among many other things). Now it is clear that leftists do not believe in the secret ballot (a variation of the fact they do not believe in democracy). What leftists believe in is POWER, and "the end justifies the means" (unless you are fighting terrorism, but leftists do not really believe in fighting terrorism).

Yes, I am talking specifically about "Card Check". That is the strange name for the Obama/Democratic bill to eliminate the secret ballot in union elections. It is absolutely clear that this is a power play (no principle involved) to increase union membership by intimidation.

I think, once upon a time, unions wanted secret ballots. Once upon a time, large companies had goons who would commit violence against people to intimidate them from union activities. Even then, union organizers did their share of intimidation (making me a little unsure as to how stronglly unions ever supported secret ballots). Now, however, there is no doubt. The intimidation is all on the union side. This is not necessarily because corporations are so much more "moral" now. They just can't get away with it. But this Obama legislation makes clear that unions are able not only to get away with it, but that leftists want to help them intimidate people into joining unions (solely to increase the POWER of leftists).

You can't believe in either democracy or "fairness", and propose doina away with the secret ballot in union elections. Nope. I don't care if corporations have "advantages" in such elections. The idea of, in effect, forcing people to vote for unions because they are intimidated into it by the public nature of the vote is un-American. Government has no business forcing the country to unionize. This is just another instance of leftists using government as a means of coercion.

Government should be neutral on union elections--merely trying to ensure "fair play". A secret ballot is the essence of fair play. More importantly, it is the essence of democracy as we know it. If Democrats/leftists are willing to do away with democracy in that context, are they not willing to do it in any situation in which it is to their advantage (and they can get away with it)?

O course they are. Leftists/leftist Democrats are authoritarians at heart. Despite all of their high sounding words when--for example--defending terrorists, leftists do not believe in the traditions upon which this country was founded--including the basic principles of the Bill of

If you think unions are obviously a Good Thing, which we SHOULD force on people, that merely proves my point about leftists being authoritarians. You are a leftist, if you think that. Further, you are ingoring the evidence that unions have not helped American workers, in recent decades. You only have to look at the auto industry. Nope. I don't oppose the idea of unions. But I do oppose the idea of people being coerced into unionizing. And I see clearly. Anyone who sees clearly sees that unions have been a very mixed "blessing" for American workers in recent times. There are very rational reasons for workers to vote against a union.

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