Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Al Gore Take Note: "Big Storm Covers Natioin With Ice, Snow" (Again)

"Big Storm Covers Nation in Ice, Snow"

The above is the present main AOL weather headline (headline on linked story). Drudge carried a story earlier this week about how Al Gore was expected to testify before John Kerry's Foreign Rlation's Committee (so help me, I would swear that is what it said) about "global warming" (at least in part (high priest saving the world, you know--it being more and more clear that "global warming" is a religion, and a bad one at that), However, there were indications that the appearance might be scrapped because of that very strom referred to above (latest of seeveral this fall and vinter). The late Michael Cricton has already shown conclusively (see charts in his eco-thriller, "State of Fear") that there never has been any consistent warming TREND in the Untied States, where temperatures have gone up and down since 1880 with no consistent, discernible trend.

This is the very reason that the high priests of "global warming", and the mainstream media, have tried to chanage the term to "climate change". "Climate change" is, of course, one of the stupidest political (not even a real pretense of relating to the "science") terms ever invented for political purposes (joining "pro-choice" and "sexual orientation" as politically inspired terms with an ridiculous objective meaning). It has always been the goal of the "global warming" religion to cast aside its moorings in "warming", because the religion was always about politics and not scinece. In case the world stopped "warming", as it has, the leftist socialists behind the "global warming" religion wanted to be able to still call it "heresy" to oppose the idea of a man-made "glboal warming" crisis. It does not matter to them that the climate is always changing. They want to blame all "climate change", and all "severe weather", on......what? MAN (the idea being to enact socialistic/central planning policies based on the ida such are necessary to "save" the planet).

Problem: The theory of "global warming" is based totally on the warming effect of "greenhouse gases (a theory which itself igonored that the Earth--alternating Ice Ages and tropical periods--is perfectly capable of "warming" on its own). This also ignored the cooling frp, 1940 to 1970 (see Crichton's book again, where the charts and bibliography are real). Still, there was at least some substantial evidence that the Earth was warming between 1970 (or so) and 1998--perhaps enogh evidence to suggest an hypotesis (not really a "theory"--in scientific terms) that greenhouse gases were helping the world to warm more than it otherwise would (ture, by the way, of radios, televisions, computers, and all other energy producing devices, including the human boday and all other living things on this planet--one of the Laws of Thermodynamics being that the production of energy always produces heat as a byproduct; but the effect is samll in comparison with the energy produced by the sun).

Thyus, in leaving the "warming" behind, "global waraming" priests have left the scince behind. Yes, the Drudge story contained the assertion by many "envrionmentalists" that this wint'er's "wild winter spells" (translation: COLD spells) are actually caused by man-made "pollution". Unfortunately for these leftist priests, once you abandon the "warming", you have no evidence for man-made climate change. The only evidence that ever existed was the warming. Once you do not have that, you do not have a theory--at least not a scientific theory. You have mere speculatiion and assertion for polical purposes (which "'global warming" always was, in any event, but at least with a scientific veneer). Yes, the theory of "global wrming" has abandoned all moorings in science. It is now openly a religion.

You doubt me? Surely you have learned by now. What is the ultimate test of a scientific theory? It is NOT whether the theory explans the past. It is whether the theory accurately predicts the future. Once "global warming" priests start saying that any kind of "cliimate change" supports their "theory", they have abandoned science. A scientifc "theory" that predicts "everything" (that is, that can explain anything after it happens) is totally worthless. If a scientific theory cannot be TESTED by prediction of future results, it is not really a scientific theory at all. Taht is one of theknocks against String Theory (theory that the building blocks of the entire universe are very tiny, vibrating "strings"). There seems to be no way of really testing the theory/hypothesis. "Global warming" is actually far worse than String Theory, because we do not know enough about atmospheric physics to mathematically "explain" exactly how greenhouse hases are affecting the (mythical) "temperature" of the Earth. "Global warming" is entirely a theory produced from computer models making assumptions about the magnitude of the "greenhouse" effect--partially based on observational "warming". Once the models fail to predict correctly--as they have, and once the warming stops, there is no real theory. You are totally into the realm of speculation and religion.

Yes, this winter's weather is weather. But so is essentially all of the "evidence" for "global warming". The melting of sea ice in summer in the arctice? WEATHER. "Global Warming" theory is based totally on an infintesimal (geologically speaking) sample of weather/climate from 1970 to 1998, where the "theory" proved totally unable to predict the "climate" of the Earth, or any portion of the Earth, year to year (or for the decade from 19998 to 2009). Without consistent warming of the Earth (and really of almost all porthings of the Earth as large as the U.S.--where no warming trend is evident since 1880), the "theory" of "global warming" falls completely apart. Since 1998, there has been no such consistent warming of the Earth, and we seem to be entering a COOLING phase (with some scientists even suggesting a possible new Ice Age!).

"Global warming" is a fraud. "Climate change" is a deliberate falsehood--as leftist leave the "sicence" totally behind. Any real theory of the climate of the Earth has to at least be able to predict the climate fairly accurately from year to year. "Glboal warming" ehtory has never even pretended to be able to do that, or even to predict the next decade accurately (it did not in 1998). The attempt to "save" the "bloal warming" religion with the term, "climate change", is simply a transparent deception--designed to use leftist dominance of the mainstream media--"the end justifies the means" philsophy of Communism--to sell everyone a bill of goods.

Therefore, even as Al Gore plannned to testify in an ice/snow storm, the media/establishment positioin is the Biden positiion (which should embarrass everyone on this side): " 'Global warming' is a fact। Accept it. Yo have to trust us on this. Our policies are necessary to "save" the planet, and you dhould not allow anyone to confuse you with the actual facts, or the ordinary tests of a "scientific" theory."

If you buy this perversion of real science (a skeptical process, rather than revealed orthodoxy), then you are either a leftist or have a malfunctioning brain (redundancy there).

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