Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mexico, a Failed Country

Yes, there was another news item in El Paso today that probably did not make much national news. Mothers in Juarez marched to protest the lack of efforts made to stop the disappearances of young women in Juarez. Five girls about 17 years of age have allegedly disappeared from downtown Juarez in the last year. The mothers allege that the ongoing drug violence in Jurarez is preventing this other evidence of a society out of control (my charactaerization) from being addressed. It is a known fact that hundreds of women have been found dead in burial dumping grounds in Juarez in the last 5 years, without the murders ever being solved. Meanwhile, Obama is ready to push for "open borders" for leftist political purposes. P.S. I have tried to make this entry as close to "three lines" as possible, due to criticism about my verbosity. Therefore, I have to stop here. I would credit "Three Line" Tony for these occasional attempts by me at short entries. But I can't. He has been BANNED from mention in this blog for at least two wekeks for insulting me (in private emails)--having the nerve to say he was "underwhlemed" by his inclusion in the title of one of yesterday's entries.

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