Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dames: No Different in the Age of Obama

This blog has a recurring feature titled simply "Dames". The feature arose out of the hard boiled films of the 1930's, and the filmnoir films of the 1940's and early 1950's. This was a time when the fundamental nature of dames was appreciated more than it is today. As I have said, every 12 year old boy should be required to view at least 20 of the film noir films before reaching his 13th birthday. It is only by observing the truly terrifying, man-eating females of the documentary (disguised true documetaries) on the nature of women that young boys have any chace of being prepared for real life. The feature returns to this blog, after al long absence, albeit with truths on the nature of dames outside of film noir, and a little bit more modern (in terms of the date of the movie) than most of the examples cited in this blog. Indeed, "dames" are never mentioned in these quotes, but we know who is being talked about (and it is not the submissive ladies that Turner Classic movies and Jane Fonda suggested the movies were all about from the time the Production Code emasculated women to modern feminism). The first quote is from Janet Leigh, in "Fearless Fagin (rating 74 on 100 scale): A fellow like you should play with lions instead of girls. It is safer". ("Fearless Fagin" was the pet lion of the male lead/sap). The error here, of course, is to believe that only some fellows are safer playing with lions than with girs. The second quote is from the immortal John Wayne, as he watched Katerine Hepburn stomp away in "Sooster Cogburn" (rating 79): "God help us if they ever get the vote." They did, of course, get the vote, and look at the mess we are in. It was one of this country's greatest mistakes. This feature may return more often, depending on my mood, as I try to place blame for the absurdities of the Age of Obama. My brother callled me just to tell me this morninng: "Do you know how far this Messiah thing has gone. On television (this morning or last night--I was not clear on that), they showed a PICTURE (not a video clip, but a copy of a photograph) of Obama and Biden sitting in a meeting (apparently between them). You could really only see the back of Biden's head clearly. What kind of country have we become that the media is so worshipful that a mere unimportant PHOTOGRAPH is neessary to satisfy the media lust to show Obama (favorably) at every opportunity. I did not tell my brother this, but I blame this on dames. See the quotes above. Then think hard not only about recent election results and the feminized media, but about Michelle Obama. Q.E.D.

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