Thursday, January 29, 2009

Republicans and this Blog: House Republican "Stimulus" Vote Proves This Blog Superior (in thought) To Limbaugh

Yes, this blog has been proven correct, and Rush Limabaugh wrong, in a way you may not realize.

WHY did I tell you that I could not vote for John McCain? WHY did I tell you a McCain defeat would be better for conservatives, the Republilcan Party, and possibly the country? Nope. It is not because I said McCain was worse than Obama. In fact, I told you that, in isolaton, McCain was better than Obama.

Problem: We are in the real world, where Presidents do not act in isolation. Every single Republican in the House has just voted aginst the Democrat pork (including sex pork--see previous entry) bill--otherwise known as the "stimulus package--in the House. Say John McCain were President. Would the "stimulus" bill have been any better if John McCain were President? Nope. Not a chance. That is proved by the Bush stimulus bill Republicans supported last spring, AND the bailout bill that McCain supported this falll--McCain supporting the ridiculous Senate "pork" version with even funding for ACORN. In fact, that is probably what cost McCain the Presidency, or at least guaranteed his defeat. If you remember, that is when this blog abandoned McCain for good. Limbaugh, meanwhile, continued to support McCain, even though it was clearly the WRONG thing for conservatives to do. Limbaugh doesn't like to lose (and has a radio show, and a certain "establishment" he is unwilling to abandon, even though he is--to his credit--willing to take on the Republican "establishment").

Would every Republican in the House (good luck on those losers in the Senate!) have opposed a McCain "stimulus package". Of course not. You only have to look at President Bush's last term, and even some aspects of his first term, to see that. Thus, as with President Bush, the "stimulus package" (and the country's coninued push to the left) would have been a REPUBLICAN bill. Conservatives would not have been able to blmae leftist Democrats, because a REPUBICAN President would have done it. That would have been the worst of all possible worlds. That is what I told you in the election campaign, when Rush Limbaugh could not bring himself to tell you that. I have already been proven right, as conservative talk radio is talking about a "new" REpublican "backbone".

Hogwash. Yes, I said "hogwash". It is easy for Republicans to oppose Democrats, especially if they know the legistlation will pass anyway (thus meaing that Republicans can't be blamed for stopping the legislation). That is what happened when Newt Gingrich took on Billl Clinton. Republicans fought Clinton at the Democrats at every turn, and succeeded in producing eight years that were better than ever could have been produced under a Repubican President.

Problem: Peopl'e memory is not quite that short, unless it ist he mainstream "journalistic" "memory" we are talking about whenever the past would embarrass a leftist Demcrat. Republicans did get in power. They blew it. They acted just like Democrats. Unlike Gingrich, they now look like partisan opportunists rather than people of principle (something I would not say of Rush Limbaugh, who has been more consistent in this philosophy, despite my quibbles, than almost anyone else of political prominence). Therefore, what Republicans are doing now simply looks like partisan opportunism, rather than principle.

You know what? What Repubicans are doing now IS partisan opportunism. Until they start showing some real principle, and real recognition of where the Republcan Party went wrong, no one is going to pay any attention to what Republicans say. Oh,, Republicans have the advantage that at least Obama and the leftist Democrats are on the hook for the RESULT. That is why Repubicans are suddenly taking this partisan stance, even though they know the public is not really with them (as they know they have forfeited most public goodwill). The public will turn against Obama if his socialist policies fail, and they are bound to fail (certainly in part, in thata it is impossible for central planners to make everyone happy--see recent entries about my small busniness owner brother). As memory of Republican perfidy fades somewhat, the new perfidies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid will come to the fore. It is inevitable.

There is no doubt. The new Republican "backbone" is good partisan politics. Just don't ask me to forget that it is NOT the "backbone" of principle, but the "backbone" of partisan expedience. It is exactly what this blog predicted when I said that the defeat of John McCain would be good for conservatives, Republicans, and maybe the country.

"Wait a second,", you say. Whatever the reason, should you not be cheering on this new "backbone", just like conserative talk radio. Even if they have shown themselves to be people without principle, do not Repubicans need to be positively reinforced when they act in the interest of conservatives and the country? Yes and no.

Yes, it does not help matters much for me to continue to bash Republicans, even as they start to stand up for what I believe in. No, it does not help, in the long run, to give Repubicans the idea that their previous perfidy is easitly forgiven and forgotten. That would merely mean that they revert to type at the first opportunity.

Never doubt me. You only have to look at this week's entry on, and the bashing of RUSH LIMBAUGH by supposed "conservatives" in the House. Even though I see more clearly than anyone that the "flap" was egged on by the lying leftists at, the fact remains that Repubicans are willing to bash conservatives like Limbaugh more aggressively than they are willing to take on Obama and the Democrats. A leopard des not really chnage its spots, and the Republican "establishment" still has no spine. Political opportunism does not prove you have a spne. Rush Limbaugh stood against these Repubican turncoats when they were betraying conservatives. For them to be willing to trash Limbaugh, in what they think is their own interest, merely shows that the leopard has not changed its spots.

Yes, I welcome the Republican unity against the pork/"stimulus" package in the House. However, I predicted it, in foresight and during the election. Republicans are going to have to do better than this to have me again consider myself a Republican.

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