Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kim Komando: Conservative

Kim Komando is the self-styled "digital goddess" who gives computer/internet/electoric gadget advice on the radio. I have always thought she sounded intelligent, although I am not "modern" enough to really want to keep up with the computer age to the extent Kim Komando does. Therefore, I have never really listened to her, or followed her advice (while recognizing that I probably should).

But Kim Komando showed me something in her 'radio minute" today. She showed herself to think like a conservative, at least in part, which means she actually thinks rationally (not joining the leftist religion that the government can do everything for you).

Nope. I don't know Kim Komando's politics. She may disappoint me in her overall political philosophy. She is, after all, a woman. But Ronald Reagan could not have said it better today. I know that you can say that about some of the things Obama says (such as yesterday's snow job with big business CEO's, where Obama did a Reagan imitation), but you know Obama does not mean it. Kim Komando clearly meant it.

Yes, Obama is planning to have the Federal Government spend 6 billion dollars to "bring faster internet to every American home". Komando noted that the internet camae about mainly without government help, and--not coincidentally--without substantial government interference. Yet, the Communication Workers of America (a union, which probably has a lot to do with the Democrat "concern" that every American have access to fast internet--which, by the way, you can get at most libraries) is proposing that the Federal Government spend 25 billion dollars to bring fast fiber optics to every American home.

Kim Komando reasonably asked: Do we really need the government to do this? Why? Do peple have a "right' to "fast internet", as well as to abortion (the Supreme Court, by the way, did NOT say that there was a "right" to have an abortioin, although leftists act like that is the case)? That is absurd, and yet that is the ilmplicit message behind the idea that the Federal Government needs to make sure that every house, and every family, not only has an up-to-date computer, but access to the fastest internet possible.

As someone who just, finally, gave up "dial up" for DSL (it being an understatement to say that I am not "modern"), I can personally attest that fast internet is NOT one of the "necissities of life".

Kim Komando, I salute you. You are one intelligent woman (on the evidence available to me, anyway). That probably means you are unfit for the Age of Obama.

P.S. Note that my poor brother is again out in the cold, along with most other small business people not favored by the leftist central plannners in charge or by unions. You will remember that my brother is the co-owner of a trucking company which needs 2 million dollars (a mere 2 million) to survive. In fact, 25 billion dollars (the number the Communications Workers of America wants to spend on fiber optics--taxpayer money) is the figure previously used as the number needed by the automakers. I ran the numbers, and calculated 25,000 small businesses like that of my brother could be "saved" with 25 billion dollars, with the saving/creation of 5 million jobs. See archives of this blog. Yet, in that Age of Obama, trucking is clearly not as "important" as fast internet. You don't really need the foold truckers bring you!!! Take the advice of Marie Antoinette: EAT CAKE. As previously noted in this blog, my brother is willing to be BOUGHT. At this point, he is willing to turn socialist if only he was made part of the bailout (even though he recognizes it will be disaster for the country in the end). My brother has the nerve to actually resent HIS tax money (he makes slightly above $150,000, so long as his company stays in business employing some 200 people), and therefore is one of the leftist targets to be taxed) being used for the Communications Workers of America and for Planned Parenthood. As this blog has noted, that is the inevitable result of central planning: The Federal Government chooses the winners and losers. So my brother is willing to become a revolutionary (wanting every single present political officeholder to be thrown out of office or overthrown). However, I am ashamed to say that my brother has--again--admitted in this blog that he can be BRIBED to be a socialist. If the governement will bail him out, he is ready to join the crowd. Unfortunately, that is exactly what leftist Democrats are relying upon (not to mention establishment, Big Government Republicans like Paulson and Bush). They are relying up people to look to the Federal Government fo "save" them, and ultimately to provide them with everything they want in life. Already, more than half the country depends on the Federal Government (not even including state and local government) in one way or another. The present mantra of leftist Democrats, the mainstream media, and establishment Repubicans is: ; PEOPLE CAN BE BRIBED. Establshishment Republicans are just noe very good at it, which is why the Republican Party is DEAD. The present evidence is that leftist Democrats are right: PEOPLE CAN BE BRIBED. That is why I admire Kim Komand. It takes some courage to stand against the current tide. Would she leave her husband and marry me? Probably not. No other woman on EArth has proved to be that stupid, except my ex-wife--who soon learned her mistake. As I said, Kim Komando, unfortunately, seems to be an intelligent woman. I need a DUMB one. Oh weill, I still salute Kim Komando for her clear thinking.

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