Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bill O'Reilly on Illegal Immigration: Total, Posturing Idiocy/Farce

The same day I heard Michael Savage rant against O'Reilly (basically correctly, if a little harshly, even by my standards), I heard Bill O'Reilly explain his "plan" to "solve" the problem of illegal immigration. I NEVER listen to either radio program, and no longer even listen to O'Reilly's Fox TV program. This may show that either there is a God, or both men repeat themselves a lot (maybe, of course, both). Hear is O'Reilly's "plan" (WARNING: uncontrollable laughter dangerous to your health has been reported from people who hear this "plan"!!!!):1. Illegal immigrants should have to register at the post office--filling out somoe form. This raises the question as to whether they will be asked their employment (thereby probbly admitting to several crimes), and whether the employers they list will be immediately investigated for breaking the law. Let us push on, since if we get bogged down in the questtions/absurdities we will never get through the "plan". This will presumably be like applying for a passport, since the registeriing illegal immigrant will IMMEDIATELY be sent a "tamper proof" ID showing he or she is "registered". Yep. You understanmd this correctly (if O'Reilly does not). Every single illegal immigrant in this country will receive IMMEDIATE, if possibly temporary, AMNESTY. Now it was not clear from what O'Reilly said, but it is possible O'Reilly meant that there would be a background check BEFORE issuing the "temporary" ID card. From experience with passports, this alone would mean that enforcement against illegal immigrants would be put on hold for at least MONTHS. Meanwhile even rapists and murderers would have de facto amnesty in the only area that amnesy matters. This is not "citizenship", but the "right" not to be deported from the country. We are only at item 1, and O'Reilly's plan should already have you on the floor with laughter. 2. Those illegal immigrants who do not register will be guilty of a FELONY (pause for laughter to subside). O'Reilly can't be THAT stupid........On second thought, yes he can. We have rapists and murderers being let out of jail early in this country, or never going to jail at all, because there is not room in our jails for them. And criminal illegal immigrants may well prefer JAIL here to not being in jail in Mexico--or being in jail in Mexico. Now if we had an agreement with Mexico that every person who fialied to register would go to jail for at least a year IN MEXICO, this might almost make sense. Don't hold your breath. Of course, people who have a background where they expect to be deporrted, no matter what, are NOT going to register. We are only at item 2, and this "plan" is already a fanasy farce.3. Presumably, those people who register will have the right to work in this country with their card. Otherwise, again, few will register. O'Reilly (no fool in not sabotaging approval of his own deceptive, posturing "plan") did not really explain this further amnesty aspect of his "plan", because the whole thing makes no sense. But item 3 of his "plan" is for illegal immigrants to then be investigated to see if they "qualify" for being allowed to stay in this country and/or for being on a "path for citizenship". Say what? THEY ALL WILL HAVE A CARD ALLOWING THEM TO STAY IN THIS COUNTRY (amnesty). Will it be a "felonty" for them to remain in this country after notification that the card is revoked? Presumably (the main value of this "felony" bluff would be to disqualify them from challenging deportation forever after, and from ever legally being in this country--but why not just say that?--because it is obvious that will not really discourage them for "catch me if you can"). THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS STILL HAVE THE CARD. Well, maybe we can make the card only good six months at a time, and "require" each immigrant to renew the card every six months (can you say "administrative nightmaere"?). Of course, we will have to have local law enforcement notify the Feds every time an illegal immigrant is picked up, and have them check on the current validity of every card that they come across. Now one of O'Reilly's pet campaigns right now (a justified one) is against "anctuary cities" which refuse now to cooperate with immigration authorities. What makes O'Reilly think his plan will work any better than the present non-coperation? O'Reilly surely assumes that new laws will require local cooperation (more "fekibues"). Good luck. Will it be a felony to be no longer at the address you gave on the form at the post office (if it were ever validl)? What happens when notices can't be delievered, or get lost? Will illegal immigrants have a right of "jucidical review" of a revocation of thier card? Why not? Will immigrants whose backs are still "wet" (like in the country 15 minutes) still be able to register at the post office so long as that registratioin is available? Surely so, since we will not have the resources to evaluate how long people have been in the country, which is a reason the Reagan amnesty program broke down. What about the future? How can we justify not issuing these cards forever after, if the illegal immigrants get through the machine guns O'Reilly seems to imagine at the border? It is all absurd. O'Reilly has taken the WORST decpetiions of the pro-illegal immigrant people, and built his "plan" on those deceptions. Yes, part of O'Reilly's plan is this mythical "tighter" border security (no security is so tight as to stop everyone, including people who merely "overstay"). O'Reilly does not explain how we track down people who his "plan" deems unworthy of living in this country, for the good reason that he does not know.This is basically all of the ridiculous "plan", although there may have been more, as I quit listening. The investigation/monitoring of all of these people with a card is going to be impossible. Eventually, we will simply invite them all in--whether they are desirable citizens or not. And every single person deported, with any kind of a sob story, is going to get help from pro-illegal immigrant groups and the media. We will be lucky if ANYONE is deported, especially as it is going to be impossible to devise real standards as to whom is "deseriable" citize and whom is not. Remember, the "citizenhip" issue is not even important, although O'Reilly never really seems to recognize this. Merely being in this country is amnesy enough for most of these people. Oh, that is not to say that would not like citizenship, if only to remove the possiblitiy of being deported. But it we merely opened our borders to Mexico, and the world, with a statement that no further immigrants will ever be made citizens (although there children clearly will be under present law), we would be totally flooded with immigrants. The IMPORTANT, badly mistaken, amnesty is the amnesty to live and work here. Citizenhsip is a side issue. If you have stopped laughing enough to stay with me, you should realize that O'reilly deserves nothing but contempt and ridicule for this "plan". It makes a mockery of O'Reilly's posturing against blanket amnesty, and sanctuary cities. It represents blatant posturing in its own right, as O'Reilly remains interested mainly in O'Reilly. There are few more unbelievable assertions that O'Reially's assertion that he is only interested in the "folks". The "folks", if they truly understood what O'Reilly wants to do with illegal immigrants, would probably lynch him. The main problem with illegal immigration is to avoid encouraging MORE illegal immigrants. O'Reilly's "plan" totally fails that test, and is a ridiculous administrative, unworkable nightmare on its face.My plan? Easy. Stop those at the border you can. Stop the others from working in this country (which we can do, especially if we ratchet up penalties on employers and requirements for following up on social security discrepancies that our computers already check). Do pass co-operation laws requiring local co-operation, if possible. Do NOT provide any welfare benefits, or any non-emergency health care. Make it HARD for illegal immigrants in this country, in other words. This will discourage others from coming, and encourage those here to go home. If we can at least discourage further illegals, the problem will go away as those in the country gradually give way to their children born her (citizens). Oh, I would eliminate that rule, which is also an encouragement to further illegal immigration, and not let the child of illegal immigrant parents be a citizen of this country (even at the cost of eliminating that "attrition" by death of the parents arugument I just made). I am convinced that the majority of the country is basically behind my "solution", and not O'Reilly's. Any disagreement out there? Yes, my solution would include continued law enforcement/deportation pressure, but not witht he idea that we can immediately "deport 12 million people". We need to iscourage the 12 million people, and--more importantly--the NEXT 12 million.

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