Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Brother Defects to the Wall Street Communists/Obama in Cynical Attempt to Save His Company!!!

My brother, the trucking company co-owner, has thought it over and joined the Age of Obama. Here is his email comment on last night's entry:
"Skip was good to me in the blog. However I have changed my stance. I think I should be bailed out. Why not? Everybody else is. I want to be one of those people with fire in my cave. Good God, I am turning liberal."Yep. You can see it hapopening before your very eyes. There are almost no conservatives left.P.S. The reference to "I want fire in my cave" is a reference to Ice Age politician Al Gorice, who is often featured in the exclusive excerpts from the Ice Age Times featured in this blog. The excerts are translations of the earliest known newspaper excavated by, and translated by, a crack archaeological team who made the momentus deiscovery. Al Gorice's trademark issue was an effort to save the pristine Ice Age Way of Life by banning fire. However, readers of the excerpts have noted that Gorice seems to have roaring fires in his own cave all of the time.

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