Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama: "I Want Fire In MY Cave" (as my brother is totally vindicated)

You will remember my brother's plaintive cry: "I want a fire in MY cave", as he tired of big businesss and Wall Street getting bailed out, partially wih HIS taxes, while small business gets the shaft. Further, my brother has to watch the central planners themselves prosper (Obama, Gore, et. al)--hypocrites all.

Little did my brother know that he would be proved right so literally (see below for explantion of a "ire in my cave"). Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Obama had hiked up the themostat in the oval office to maybe the 80 degree level--enabling him to wear "shirt sleeves". One of the Obama "gurus" (maybe Axelrod) said (basically): "What can you expect? He comes from Hawaii (Chicago anyone?). He likes it warm."

Now let me be clear here. I like it warm too. That is why I live in El Paso. I don't care if Obama turns his thermostat way up. But my brother is right. Obama and Gore supposedly care. Last year (I think in Gernmany, as Obama was declaring himself a "citizen of the world"--hence this blog's nickname for Obama), Obama went through the anti-American, leftist, "global warming" litany of American "sins" (you know, like having the thermostat at 72 degrees--when Obama personally sets it higher than that). Yes, Obama mentioned the very example of the thermostat, as he ended with the usual, "phantom" statistic that America has 3% of the world's people, but uses 25% of the world's energy. To the extent true, of course, this merely means that the U.S.--before the Age of Obama--has been a successful country. "Global warming" people want to turn this into an unsuccessful country.

"I want fire in my cave" is my brother's shorthand description of the hypocrisy of Ice Age politician "Al Gorice". As Gorice was regularly featured in the world's first known newspaper: The Ice Age Times (published in the time of the when Neanderthal Man and the ancestors of modern man were facing the need to adapt to a WARMING wolrd). Like the real Al Gore, Al Gorice kept roaring fires in his own cave (even to the extent of having to vent smoke into adjoining caves, resultig in smoke inhalation to many). However, Al Gorice was mainly known for his campaign to elminate reduce the use of fire to "preserve the pristine, Ice Age way of life" (quote fromt he exclusive archeological translations made available by the archaeological team to this blog). There is a new scientific theory that Al Gorice caused the extinction of Neandertahl Man by selling them on the idea of preserving the Ice Age way of life, while modern man adapted to the warming world. It is a well established scientific theory that Neanderthal Man failed to adapt to changing conditions, including the warming Earth, which explains his extinction. This new theory on Al Gorice is only an extension of the well estabished, accepted scientifc theory

Yes, there is some suspicion that Al Gore is a modern descendant of Al Gorice. More reasonable people believe that the archaeological team is haiving a little fun with the translations of the Ice Age Times articles, and that "Al Gorice" is merely a convenient name for the Ice Age politician. But Al Gorice is clearly the "philiosophical", nypocritical, "inellectual" descendant of Al Gorice--as is Barack "World" Obama (it being a matter of conjecture, by the way, whether Al Gorice was "black").

My brother lives in Tennessee (Nashville). He is very familiar with Al Gore, and with energy bills in Tennessee. My brother has a fairly large house (for now, until Obama does him in). My brother could not believe the energy bills for the mansions of Al Gore. According to my brother, the man had to have the equivalent of "roaring fires" going to run up those kinds of electric bills.

Yes, that is what my brother means by: "I want fire in MY cave." He means that Al Gore does what he wants. And all of these big businesses, banks, and Wall Dtreet people are being bailed out. Meanwhile, my brother's small (but with 200 employees) trucking company is left out in the cold. "I want fire in MY cave" was my broth'er's plaintive cry of pain that he was willing to convert to socialism/Obamaism, if only my brother could be bailed out too (although my brother realizes his would be disaster for the country, but so are the monster bailouts for the prsent groups/businesses favored by the Obama central planners--and Bush central planners).

Now my brother has been totally vindicated. He not only can point to the example of Al Gore (and Al Gorice), but he can point to Obama. "I want fire in MY cave" fits Obama and Gore like a glove ("if it fits, you must convict"). So my brother's business may be doomed, in this Age of Obama, unless my brother can pull it out somehow with his own efforts. However, my brother has the satisfaction (which, wiht $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks) of being totally vindicated.

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