Monday, January 26, 2009

Planned Parenthood and My Poor Brother: Feel the Pain!!!!

Here is my poor brother's email reply to my previous entry:
I thought Planned Parenthood was already federally funded. How do they need a bailout?" My brother is, of course, corrrect. Planned Parenthood, even as it promises to use donor funds to abort minorities (taped phone conversations), already receives substantial Federal funds, along with state, local, United Way, and private foundation funds. Plus, leftist BILLIONAIRES swear by Planned Parehnthood. Cannot Planned Parehthodd get adequate funding from those sanctiomonious, homicidal hypocrites? Could not Obama's internet fund raising empire raise more than enought money for Planned Parenthood, without asking taxpayers to participate in funding what they regard (correctly) as an organization which promotes infanticide. Planned Parenthood is one of those groups that suppors unrestricted abortion up to the moment of birth. You can just feel the pain in my brother, as he realizes just how low on the present central planning list of priorities he is, except as a target (evil, carbon burning trucking comopany). Bill Clinton could "feel his pain". I doubt if Obama even notices, since he is too busy being the Messiah for his worshippers. What my brother fails to understand, of course, is that central planners, and central planning favorites, always want MORE. Oliver (in "Oliver Twist" and the movie) was a pker in comparison. Citigroup, AIG, Bank "Owned By" America, GM, Wall Street and PLANNED PARENTHOOD: They all want MORE. And they will continue to want more. The one rule of central planning is that when some amount of money and central planning does not do what it was supposed to do, the answer is always more central planning--more power for the central planners and more money for their favorites.

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