Friday, January 23, 2009

Caroline Kennedy: Leftists Lie (Will She Succeed Uncle Ted as Senator from MA.?)

It has been awhile since I have quoted this recurrent blog paragraph seeting forth a fundamental truth about leftists--especially lefitst "journalists" and leftist politicians: Leftists lie. They lie routinely, and as a matter of course. they lie without guilt, and in a "higher" cause than truth (their own agenda). They lie for perceived political advantage, and to advance their agenda. Segue to the Carolilne Kennedy farce in New York. Rush Limbaugh is right. We are living in a sitcom. The early "leaks" this week (anonymous sources, which meenat that the leftist "journalists" were lying, and passin on lies from people in the Caroline Kennedy camp with an agenda) were that Caroline Kennedy was withdrawing from consideration for alppointment to replace Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York because of the ill health of Ted Kennedy (lol as to this whopper). Ted Kennedy, of course, suffered his main health setbacks BEFORE Caroline Kennedy even started her very public campaign to be named Snator--despite no obvious qualifications. Now let us count the intellectually dishonest leftists (liars and hypocrites all, and Alan Colmes that specificallly includes YOU--leftist political hack that your are). If they had any shame (they don't), all of those leftists--especially if they trashed Sarah Palin--would fall on their sword (they won't, as they are without honor). Wait!!!! The absolute farce in New York got worse. That bit about Ted Kennedy was an obviious lie (by both the "journalists" and the sources). But Governor David Patterson was not to be outdone inshowing how leftists tend to be lousy human beings. He apppointed a CONSERVATIVE (ok, for New York, and she can be expected to move left quickly). That is not the scandal/comedy here. "Anonymous sources (meaning "journalists" let them conduct attacks from the safe "shadows" of anonymity) "close to the Governor" (meant to hint that Governor Patterson himself was putting this out) said that the "personal reasons" Caroline Kennedy "withdrew" (or was she pushed?) included: Illegal nanny; Failure to pay taxes, such as worker's compensation (no problem for Al Franken in Minnesota) and others, such as social security for the nanny; and unspecified PROBLEMS WITH HER MARRIAGE (who could make this up, after Hillary Clinton MOVED to New York with the biggest farce of a marriage in the known, or unknown, universes (with that lie about being a Yankee's fan). This, of course, was character assassination by malicious gossip (the stock in trade of modern "journalism"). Now you might wonder why Caroline Kennedy bothered to lie (bay anonymous source). Is not she politically dead? Not necessarily. These are leftists, and she is a Kennedy. Ted Kennedy killed a girl, and went to see his lawyer while she was dying under the dark water. Massachuseets leftists have elected him to the Senate ever sense. And remember the example of Hillary. She MOVED to New York (where she had never lived). Will Caroline Kennedy move to Massachusetts with the idea of succeeding her uncle Ted in the Senate? Don't bet against it!!!! You might think I am becoming too cynical (or that I always was too cynical). My opinion: I am not cynical enough. Today's politicians and "jounalists" require something beyond cynicism.

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