Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh vs. Republican Leadership (Fight Stopped as Leaderhsip Outclassed): Filtered Trhough Liars at Politico.com

First, let me preface this entry with a simple, declarative statement: Politico.com is composed of liars with a political agenda, and is worth no one's attention. If you want backup for this, consult my archive entries on Politico.com. This entry is about a Politico.com article linked on Drudge (where I saw it, as I NEVER go to Politico.com on my own). This article really confirms my view of Politico.com, since it really represents the usual mainstream media attempt to use conservatives against conservatives--something Pollitico.com has attempted before, and with LIES. This particular story has some credibility because of the way the Republican Congressional "leadership" supposdely played into the Politico.com trap--so conveniently that I do not doubt that Politico.com is distorting the matter somewhat. As I say, the people at Politico.com are LIARS (whether they are as bad as the people at CNN--The Liar Network--is one of those questions like "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?").

The Politico headline (what did I just tell you about them?) is: Republican Leadership Tells Limbuah to Back Off". The story itself does not quite back up this headline, which I have to regard as a Politico.com LIE. However, a House Republican "leader" (identified by Politco.com as a leading "conservative", which is about the only time a person will be identfied favorably as a "conservative" on Politico.com or anywhere in the mainstreamm media: when the person is attacking another conservative. Yes, I gurantee you that this Politico.com story is meant as an attack on Limaugh and conservative talk radion--with the incidental benefit of stirring up trouble for Congressional Republicans with people like me). However, there is little doubt that the Republican establishment is unhappy with Limabaugh and conservative talk radio, and with people like me. The feeling is mutual, and LImbaugh was accurately expressing that feeling, and has been, in his attacks on the Republican "leadership" (or lack of same) in Congress.

Let me make another declarative sentence: I was rooting for Mitch McConnell (Republican Senate leader) to LOSE on election night, as I was rooting for almost every Republican Senator to LOSE on election night. Rush Limbaugh and I agree: We are no longer Republicans. However, Rush Limbaugh is actually more tolerant of the Republican Party establishment/"leadership" than I am. I aabaondoned the Republican Party before Limbaugh, and more strongly. I refused to support McCain, and I have been (accurately) disparagin Republicans in the Senate for YEARS. Limbaugh is actually late to this party. You will remember that McConnell tamely helped push through the first Paulson bailout the way the DEMOCRATS wanted it, with funding for ACORN. The man is a loser. I would not have voted for him if I lived in Kentucky.

Limbaugh is only expressing the frustrations of the conservatives out here in the country (including almost all of my brothers, including the one who owns the trucking company that no one is proposing to bail out, while Republicans support bailouts of all of these other people). Nope. I will tell you something that is as close to an absolute fact as things get in politics: If the Republican establishment, and Repubilcan "leaders" (whether called "conservative" or not), prefer to tell Rush Limbaugh to "back off" more than they prefer to tell Barack "World" Obama and Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi to "back off", as was the case with John McCain and seems to be the case with virtually all Republican "leaders", then the Repubican Party is surely dead.

Yes, this means this blog is proven right again. I have pronounced the Repubican Party, as we know it, as DEAD. That is D E A D. It now requires a conservative coup, or a complete new party (uhlikely as lthat is) to lead the conservative banner.

I agree totally with Rush Limbaugh: You can't rely on the present Repubican leadership to lead conservatives. They have proven they are unfit for that job. So my message to them, as well as to the liars at Politico.com, is to BACK OFF. Your days are numbered, and your future is dark if all you can think of to do is trash Rush Limbaugh (emulating Barack "World" Obama, whose first Presidental interview was with ARAB media).


Ted said...

With the mounting job casualties, here's hoping SCOTUS either finds someone, somewhere, has standing to require BHO's birth certificate or fixes attention on a criminal indictment before he wins his War on Prosperity.

Skip said...

While I agree totally with Ted that Obama is conducting a War on Prosperity, I don't think fousing on his birth certificate gets us anywhere. The same people (Pelosi, Reid, Biden???!!!!!!!!, and the Republican establiwhment people that helped us into this mess) will still be in power if Obama goes. I think it is more imoportant that the American people rise up in revulsion against betrayal of American priinciples--revulsion against both leftist Democrats and the Repubican establishment--than that Obama be brought down personally. Now for that, we need a LEADER (Rush Limabaugh correcly admits he is not that kind of leader) for the new conservative return from the Wilderness. No such leader has yet emerged, and Republicans even picked McCain over a Romney saying the right things (albeit you could quetion his steadfastness and sincerity).