Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mexico: A Failed Country

Yes, there is daily news from El Paso that Mexico is a failed country, and theat there are few more importnat issues facing this country than to secure our Southern border and deter illegal immigration.

Today's news is that the number of murders in Jurarez for this yer are already well above 200. This morning's news we woke up to in El Paso (the smae kind of news we wake up to almost every day in El Paso) is that the number of murders in Jurarez this January is triple the carnage of the previous, bloody Jaunuary. People are now being murdered in Jurarez at an "annual rate" of more than 2000 people. Yes, Jurarez is now officially a more dangerous city than Bagdad--surely one of the most dangerous cities, if not the most dangerous city, in the world.

And it is not just the drug war. News earlier this week was that some 58 women were murdered (officially) last year in Jurarez, even apart from the drug violence. For many years, the unsolved murders of women in Jurarez have been notorious, as hundreds of bodies of young women have been found in burial "dumping grounds". Mothers marched early this year in Jurarez because of this ongoing violence against women.

Nope. Mexico is a fialed country. We must stop the failure from spreading. Mexico is promoting illegal immigration (as are politicians in El Paso), for the very purpose of exporting their problems to our country (in the hope of taking the pressure off of Mexico).

No, I am not saying that El Paso politicians WANT us to experience Mexico's problems, but that is the effect of what they are promoting. You doubt me? Don't.

The El Paso City Council actually passed a "bill" propposing "discussions" (I think with Mexico, although it is not worth my time to examine this level of idiocy in detail) of LEGALIZING DRUGS as a desperate measure to reduce the drug cartel violence in Mexico. I could not make this stuff up. The mayor vetoed the City Council, and--miracle of miracles--his veto was upheld. This saved El Paso from natioinal mockery. The measure, as finally passed, just containted standard "open borders" pablum.

Do you see most o fthis is the national news? Nope. If El Paso had called for drug legalizatioin, the national "coverage" would only have been the leftist ikind of how "enlightened" it is to talk about legalizing drugs--especially since Americans are corrupting Mexico by supporint the illegal drug trade--by providing a market for the illegal drugs. IT IS ALL OUR FAULT THAT MEXICO IS A FAILID COUNATRY (This is how leftists think, and how the mainstream media leftists report things).

P.S. I am perfectly aware that some libertarians, and even William F. Buckley Jr. (virtual founder of modern conservatism), like the idea of legalizing drugs as a matter of FREEDOM. Need I tell you that leftists do not beliefve in "freedom", except the "freedom" to do what leftists want to do? Legalizing drugs would not help Mexico. I don't think it would help this country either. How hypocritical is it to talk about legalizing cocaine while the FDA can prohibit a person from obtaining a suopposed "cure" for cancer, even if the person wans to take the risk of being defrauded (likely)? Leftists want regulation of every aspect of your life EXCEPT recreatioinal drugs and sex. William Buckley Jr. was not that kind of hypocrite. However, I think he was wrong on this. I consider myself a "libertarian conservative". But I dont think we can afford to legalize all recreational drugs. It is a matter of protecting society, and our children (not of protecting people from themselves---leftist style).

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