Wednesday, January 28, 2009

California Leftist Leaders Crucify the State on a Cross of "Glbal Warmnig", as Leftists Plan To Do the Same for the Whole Country

"Let me see if i understand this. B.O. want's to allow EACH individual state to dictate to US automakers their fuel efficiency and emission standards. That ought to put the nail in the coffin."

The above is an email I got today. I would tell you from whom, but mention of his name has been banned from the blog for disrespect tot he blog and its author (as I experiment with the leftist attitude toward free speech). You will note how this email ties in with the privios entry. Yes, Obama and his fellow leftists fully intend to crucity our economy on a cross of "global warming".

We now come to my brother who co-owns the trucking company. If California is allowed to impose further restrictions on trucks operating in the state, my brother's co-owner has a simple solution (with which my brother concurs. My brother's company will simply pull out of California (which will prbably be the reaction of a lot of trucking companies). Thus, the insane leftists in California are ruining their state economy even faster than they are ruining the natinal economy. There may soon be no trucks in the state to even haul their food., No problem. Let them eat cake (to quote the perhaps unfarily falighned Marie Antoinette).

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