Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and "Success"

"Three Line" Tony insists that no one will ever read last night's entry, which is some 100 times more than three lines long. "Three Line" says I HAVE to condense the entry for those unable to follow my verbose critique of the meaning of "success" for the leadership (lol) of this country. So here goes:"Success" is defined by the country you want to end up with, and not by vague statements of "unity", "propsperity", and "happiness". Are leftists and I ever going to have the same standard of "success"? Nope. For them, "success" is an ever expanding Federal Government which is looked to for the "solutioin" to every problem we have. For me, "uccess" is a country where people are both allowed to fail and, most importantly, to succeed, and where the Federal Government does not determine who succeeds and who fails. Thus, I am never going to accept a leftist (Obama's, for exalple) definition of "success", and it would be hypocritical of me to suggest otherwise. Do we all want a "happy", "successful", "prospersous" America? Maybe (with that caveat in last night's entry about that significant number of leftists who "hate America, and don't actually want too much successs for us). So what. I don't thinik we get that kind of country with a Marxist/socialist/Communist paradise. Leftists don't think we get that kind of country with a primarily free market country with limited government, where people are encouraged to take reponsibility for themselves. Like in "Brave New World", leftists want the government to controll everything except the "right" to sex without consequences, and perhaps the right to use recreational drugs. Conservatives believe that there are much more important freedoms. In the end, the leftist road is the road to the kindred philosophies of Communism and fascism (see the current book, "Liberal Fascism"). When people differ that much on the meaning of "success", it is impossible for all people to want Obama to "succeed" in the same way. If Obama "succeeds" in creating a central plannning "paradise" dominated by an all powerful Federa Government, I will believe he has really failed. If Obama were somehow to create a conservative paradise of a society with a limited Federal Governmetn, and maximum freedom, but with opportunity for all (to succeed or fail, with a MINIMUM safety net), leftists will regard him as a failure. It is absurd to suggest that Obama can combine both types of "success", unless you truly believe he is the Messiah. (Sorry, "Three Line", I just could not do it, but you have to admit the above is more succinct than last night.)

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