Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and the Mainstream Media: Wanting Obama "To Fail"

Limbaugh: I want Obama to Fail if Policies Are Socialist." This is one of the main Drudge headlines this morning I have told you previously that Drudge sometimes will adopt mainstream media mantras/obsessions, even though Drudge is one of the best sources of a variety of news--as distinguished from the totally left wing approach to news in the mainstream media (including Fox News, which adopts the mainstream media agenda as to what news is "important", even while giving a generally more balanced view of that news). The above quoted headline is an example of Drudge faithfully adopting a mainstream media deception/agenda. With my usual foresight, I have several blog entries this week about the ftoal misrepresentation (deliberate in the mainstreamm media) of the word "success", and whbat it means to want Obama "to succeed" or "to fail". As I showed (conclusively, and it is not a matter of opinion) in my entry on Bill Clinton and "success", Bill Clinton failed in the sense that Limbaugh is using the word. He (and Hillary) failed to pass their signature health care "reform". Clinton failed in every leftist (socialist?) program he proposed. His major achievements were the Republican supported NAFTA and welfare reform. Conservative Republicans took control of the House, for the first time since Roosevelt, in 1994. It was the conservative House that dominated domestic policy for the next six years--opposing Clinton at almost every turn. But Clinton was a successful President in the sense that the country was uccessful while he was President, as the check of the conservative House led to 8 years where the Federal Government made little further progress toward Big Government central planning. This would change with President Bush. The point is that "success" is different for the country and the President. Every conservative, and most Americans, should want Obama to fail to fail in moving the country toward socialism. How can you call yourself a conservative and not believe that? In otaher words, this statement by Limbaugh is not "news". The "news" would be if he felt otherwise. What the sanctimonious hypocrites in the mainstream media and the left want to do is equate the country and Obama. This is exactly the equation that they rejected when President Bush was President. For example, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid equated "patriotism" with dissent (opposing the President), because supporting the policies of the President was supposedly bad for the country. Now the mainstream medai wants to equate "success" for Obama in implementing his policies with "success" for the country, when they are not the same thing (as these same people argued when President Buish was President). It is really worse than that. Because what Hillary Clinton and Harry ("the Iraq War is lost") Reid were talking about was Iraq. Wanting the President to fail in Iraq was basically wanting the country to fail. If President Bush failed in Iraq, then our country was going to be defeated in Iraq. That is why Hillary Clinton is now saying (again, the worst sanctimonious hypocrites to ever walk the Earth) that politics should "end at the water's edge", and we should support the foreign policy of the President as a united people. Therefore, if lyou want to know why Drudge has this particular headline, this is the reason. The mainstream media is trying to make it some kiund of crime not to wish Obama "to succeed", by deliberately equating political success by Obama in instituting his policies with success for the country. Limbaugh is saying something that is obvious for a conserative. A conservative has to want Obama "to fail" in getting socialist policies enacted, as conservatives should have oppposed President Bush on similar policies, becausee conservatives like Limbaugh (and me) believe that this is the only way for our country "to succeed". The mainstream media wants to make "success" for Obama the only important thing--a total stupidity and ooposite to what these same people argued under President Bush. The mainstream media wants to demonize Limbaugh (one of their favorite stand ins for conservatives generally) for desiring failure for the country, when that is not the case. Limbaugh is merely saying ht eobvious: that he does not want the country to fail because the bad policy proposals of Obama get adopted as the policies of the country. Unless you are trying to deceive, as the mainstream media is trying to do, this is not "news". It is the only course for a person of principle to take.

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