Monday, January 26, 2009

Planned Parenthood (Bailout), Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi, and My Poor, Disfavored Brother

Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi is proposing $155 million dollars for "family planning servieces" (translation: a bailout of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry, even though contraception is the sales hook--there being no excuse for this bailout under any label, especailly when leftists can support these ogranizations themselves if they did not want to use their central planning power to make the taxpayres do it). Yep. It is the main headline on Drudge. "Total Failure" Peolosi actually said that birth control (including abortion, in leftist speak) will help the economy. No one could make this up. You wold be hard put to find a stupider woman than Nancy Pelosi. However, her stupdity is concealing an important point here, as my brother gets the shaft again. You remember my brother, the co-owner of a strugglig trucking company who needs a mere 2 million dollars to survive? Well, here is another bitter pill for my brother. The central planners now in charge regarnd Pallnaed Parenthood as more worthy of "saving" than his trucking company (and other small businesses). See my entry yesterday about how central planning means that the central planners choose the winners and losers in our country--with themselves and their favorites bein the winners. Planned Parenthood is one of the favorites of the current central planners. Obama, of course, defended abortion on January 22 (anniversary of Roe v. Wade), and--the day after--revoked the Reagan/Bush executive order that American taxpayer money not go to promote abortion in other parts of the world. Therefore, my brother is out in the cold. The new central planners do not care about small businesses. They care about Pallned Parenthood, big business, and Wall Street. More fundamentally, it is who they care about that are "saved" (they think), while the rest of the country--like my brother--are left to twist in the wind. This is tyranny, and Barack "World" Obama and Nancy Total Failure" Pelosi (not to mention Harry "Dirty Oil" Reid) consider themselves as tyrants/central planners who know best how all of us should live, along with who should "win" in this society and who should "lose". Fetuses don't vote. They lose. My brother does not control enough votes (although they should beware here, since small businesses may ultimately control enough votes), and therefore he loses. Leftist Democrats, who are the present central planners in charge, believe that Planned Parenthood fanatics, illegal immigrants (even though they supposedly can't vote themselves), unions, the poor, those dependnt on government or who can be made so, big business, and Wall Street can keep leftists in power. In the end, of course, central planning fails even the "favorties", and the whole house of cards crashes down. But the central planners care about their own power and "success", and the future is not theirs to see. Therefore, the abortion industry (modern "merchants of death", more than the arms industry ever was) is now favored. My brother is now disfavored, as his tax money is used to bail out pro-abortion organizations (in which he does not believe), and banks (trying to foreclose on him). This tyranny is the very essence of central planning. You want evidence it does not work? Obama today issued new executive orders telling the EPA to reconsider regulatioins preventing states with half the automobiles in the country (like California) from imposing more strict emission (and other pollution) controls on automakers selling in their states than the Federal Government is imposing. Obama also told the automakers to sell more fuel efficient vehicles by 2011. Again, I need to translate for you. These central planners are proposing to "save" GM by providing money, at the same time they are KILLING OFF GM (as anything other than a nationalized compnay--which is coming) by other parts of their central planning religion. My poor brother, in fact, is one of the disfavored here. California is already making it difficult for his trucks to operate in California (and Arnold wonders why California has a huge deficit). And Federal standards on truck enginnes (not to mentioin other Federal regulations) have increased the cost of trucks. In 2010, further regulations will go in effect requiring that new engines (using urea, of all things) put out exhaust that is CLEANER than most of the air taken in. "Global warming" laws and regulations threaten to do this kind of thing to most of the industry in this country, based on a "relgion" that is nothing less than a fraud. Obama's "energy czar" is a socialist who apparently buys into the idea that the "rich" countries of the world have to reduce their standard of living to help the poor countries deal with "global warming"--the China idea that "global warming" is a problem to be handled by the "rich" countries which "created" it. And here is my poor brother, who makes his living by trucking your food and other goods to you--perhaps one of the most disfavored industries of the new/old central planners ("new", in thtat they are now in power, and ready to help their favorites and punish those they do not favor). In the Age of Obama, some (defenseless fetuses up to the moment of birth) are going to die quickly. They may be the lucky ones. The rest of us may die slowly--or not so slowly, in the case of my brother's trucking company. Too bad that my brother is ot one of the favored ones. He has already said (perhaps, but only perahps, tongue in cheek) in this blog that he is ready to turn socialist if it will save him. I am afraid that plays into the hands of central planners, and results in the eventual doom of all, as all effort turns toward being "saved" by the Federal Government. When central planning and this tyranny fails, as it inevitably does, there is nothing left (except, maybe, someone like Hitler or Stalin--Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi, Barach "World" Obama, and Harry "Dirty Oil" Reid are bad enough). Enjoy the Age of Obama while you can--you favored ones. It will not last. P.S. Yes, Nancy Total Failure" Pelosi is the very lefits who firs denied that her position on abrotioin was contrary to her "Cathlic teaching". . Then she had to admit the obvious--that the Catholicism of her parents officially regards abortion as a mortal sin--meaning that if a Catholic is wrong on abortion, I may meet that person in Hell. It would be worth going to Hell to meet Nancy Pelosi there, as I have said about "journalists" and other leftists. As readers of this blog knows, I am an agnostic--tempted by religion only in that I would dearly like for Hell to exist, for the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and mainstream "journalist" types out there. Contrary to what some non-subtle thinkers may think, I am not wishing these people to Hell. I am just confident they will join me there if Hell exists, a question as to which I am neutral, and it would give me a lot of satisfaction to have lefitsts with no leftist judges with whom to appeal. But Nancy Pelosi revealed her position on religion to be the same as mine, although she is not honest about it. AFter admitting that she, in fact, does not follow her "Chatolic upbringing" , she stated (see archives for exact quote) that she understood that Cathlic teaching said she had free will, with a mind of her own. Therefore, she was entitled--had a "duty"--to use that mind to arrive at her own view of right and wrong, and she was willing to discuss her decisions with God when the time arose. While I would never put it quite that way (the woman is STUPID, after all), that is essentailly why I am an agnostic. I don't believe in faith overruling human reason. You will note that is exactly Pelosi"s position. In other words, she admitted she does not believe in religion. The very essence of religion is that you live your life according to the religion. Otherwise, it has no purpose (other than the leftist one of deception--most true leftists do not believe in religion; like me, they are much tooarrogant to agree with God if God disagrees with them). Now, Pelosi is too stupid to understand any of this. But I think it worthwhile to remind you that the woan is a total fraud, as well as being terminally sstupid.

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