Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele: Congratulatiions, Chairman

Michael Steele has been named Republican Party chariman (RNC chairman). I have previously said in this blog that Steele was the mot impressive Repubilcan running for office in 2006, when he lost his Senate race in Marylnad. He is one of the many examples to the sanctimonious hypocrisy gone nuclear that afflicts the mainstream media and other leftists. He got no media exposure in 2006 (unlike Obama from the moment he made that speech att he democratic Convention years ago). Yet, Steele eserved it. He is one impressive individual.

No, I do not think he is an Obam style Messiah to lead conservatives the the Promised Land. He is not even a person with a spotless conservative record. He comes from MARYLAND, for God's sake. But I applaud the choice of Steele for this position. He speaks well. He is smart. He is, of course, black. That, however, is the least of his qualificatiosn.

As I have said, conservatives desperately need a leader to lead a conservative coup taking over the Repubican Party, and leading it into the next Presidential election (and even the 2010 election and the struggle against Obama socialism). I don't think Steele is really that leader (could always be wrong here). As a solid lieutenant to that hoped for leader, Steele can still start the recovery of the Repubican Party and and set the stage for the return of conservatives from our present exile into the political Wilderness.

Republicans have disappointed me before. I hope Steele does not continue the tradition. I still like the choice, and have never changed my opinion that he is an impressive man. I just hope he realizes the Repubican Party needs to recruit conservative candidates willing and able to go out and SELL conservatism (instead of constantly being on the defesnive, and acting like they prefer to trash Rush Limabugh--for media approval--more than they like to criticize leftist Democrats like Obama).

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