Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Larry Kudlow and Doug Stephan: Fascists

Ever since the first Paulson bailout (little did we know then, although some of us predicted it, how fast and furious the bailouts would come), I have called Larry Kudlow a Communist, and have pretty much referred to all of Wall Street people (including "reporters" like those at CNBC) as Communists. That is obvious hyperbole on my part to make a pont. No, Larry Kudlow is not a Soviet style Communist (which basically, by the way, required allegiance to the Soviet Union). However, what Kudlow has consistently shown himself to be is a central planner whose main interest is central planning for the benefit of himself and his pals on Wall Street. That is the essence of Communism (with a capital "C"), if you take the Soviet part out. Read "Animal Farm", by George Orwell. Kudlow has totally abandoned "free market" principles, along with almost everyone on Wall Street, so lnog as the Federal Government takes action that Kudlow wants, to benefit the people (Kudlow's business and Wall Street plas) thata Kudlow wants to benefit. In short, Kudlow has become a central planning Communist, along with most of the rest of Wall Street people, so long as the central planning is done his way. That means no restrictions on the way Wall Street operates, or restrictions on business that Kudlow does not approve. Suggest something that Kudlow does not approve, and he becomes a "free market advocate (the intellectually dishonest hypocrite--another aspect of Commmunism), and suggests that the government is interfering where it shouldn't (where it should interfere being determined by Kudlow and his Wall Street pals).

Now I am calling Kudlow a fascist? And I am adding Doug Stephan? Have I gone round the bend? Nope. I merely see reality. As this blog has stated before, the "ar right" (allthough the "far right" is not a logical extension of modern, Reagan conservatism at all) and "far left" merge at the extremes. There is little differece between Hitler and Stalin--between National Socialism (note the "socialism") and Communism. The reason I have decided Kudlow more belogns under the "fascisst" label (even though this is again hyperbole, in the sense I am not equating Kudlow with Hitler) is that "fascism" really envisoned a partnership between government and big business to create a totalitarian system. That seems to me to be exactly the principle Kudlow is now advocating.

There is a book out (named in a prior blog entry, although the name escapes me as this is being typed) which describes the rise of fascims (not Hitlerism, but the fascism of Mussolini, Franco, and the "intellectuals" behind the movement). The book draws the startling parallels between the path down which we are heading today and that former movement toward fascism (and Communism). Michael Crichton, in his critique--in the appendix to "State of Fear"--of the (political) "science" of "global warming", describes the "eugenic" movement that would lead to Gitler's "Final Solution", although that "Final Solution" was never publicly part of the doctrine of fascism. Planned Parehtnood is a natural descendant of that "eugenics" move described by Crichton, and in this new book. In short, fascism was not just another word for Hitler. It was a philosophy of total central planning, even down to reproduction and eugenics, that is not far from where Larry Kudlow and Doug Stephan now stand (although I don't pretend to know what they think of eugenics, other than their kind of thinking easily leads in that direction, if it were not so "politically incorrect" these days).

That brings me to Doug Stephan. As I have said before, my problem is that my alarm is set to the station (Rush Limbaugh station) that carries the Doug Stephan radio program, and I tend to wak up to that program (big mistake--it is not worth listening to). Doug Stephan is a John McCain, Northeast kind of Republican, which means he is a total idiot. You know that because he considers Uri Geller an "expert" on the "mind". Part of my "You Are a Kook If:" series: You are a kook if you believe that Uri Geller has special mental powers, or special expertise in the mind. Uri Geller is the fraud (Amazing Randi basically proved it) who clamie (falsely) to be able to bend keys with his mind. I digress (sort of).

I woke up to Doug Stepnan today, as the alarm wen off (I HAVE to do something about that). Therefore, I got to hear him say that (besides totuing Uri Geller yet again):

"If we let the (free market) system alone, businesses and people would fail. It will be really bad (as I said, the John McCain, Kudlow, Republican establishment, central planning position). But if the government steps in and keeps businesses and people from failing, it may not be bad at all."

Notice how we are back to Kudlow fascism/Communism--a central planning partnership between government and big business to contrl all of our lives, and to pick the winners and losers (under Hitler, the Jews were some of the losers).

See my entries over the past two days, describing my brother. Contrary to what Doug Stephan says, the government is NOT proposing to "save" all businesses and all people. Rather, the government is proposing to "save" big business and Wall Street, as it forms that unholly, central planning partnership between Big Government and Big Business. If you are favored by the new central planners, you may get a destructive kind of help (Obama is killing GM off even at the time he is purporting to save it). If you are part of the disfavored, such a my brother and every small business in this country, you are on your own--worse than on your own since you have to pay for the baoilout of the favored people, and for the salaries of the central planners themselves.

Nope. I stand by it. Larry Kudlow and Doug Stephan are fundamentally economic fascists. In the end, both fascism and Communism do not work. They create worse problems than they solve. In fact, central planning not only does not work; it cannot work. There is no theoretical way for it to work (except by luck and chance, over a limited period of time).

Those who disregard the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. To call Larry Kudlow and Doug Stephan "doomed" is to be too kind to them. It is no accident that Kudlow was one of those "conservatives" invited to have that infamous dinner with Obama (no one considering Dough Stephan important enogh to have dinner with anyone important). The problem is that the new fascists, like Obama, Kudlow and Stephan, are going to doom the rest of us--not just themselves.

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