Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mexico: A Failed Country

After the "establishment" (lefitist media, Democrats, and Republican establishment) has tried to ignore the fact that Mexico is a failed country for several years. I have been using the title of "Mexico: A Failed Country" for more than two years.

Everybody now admits that there is a "war" going on in Mexico, and that war is beginning to spill over into the United States. The FBI conducted a raid in the last day or so on Mexican drug cartels operating in the United States. However, the ugly fact is that this is a war the drug cartels are winning in Mexico.

The follow up news today (to the previous blog entry this week about the Juarez mayor and Chihuahua governor) was about this big summit with the Chihuahua governor and Juarez mayor. You will remember that the mayor and his whole family were thereatened with decapitation by the main Juarez drug cartel(s). That put the mayor and his family "on the run", after the drug cartel said that they would "get" him and his family even if they fled to their house here in El Paso (where I live). Meanwhile, armed men attacked the Chihuahua governor on the highway, killing a bodyguard. Thus, you can understand that the Mexican Army provided heavy security for this meeting between the governor, mayor, and a few other people. The meeting was supposedly about what to do about the drug cartels. Good luck, wheh the mayor has to flee his own city.

That is not all of the news from Juarez in the El Paso media today. More people were murdered. That brings the murder total for the unfinished month of February alone to 210 men, women, and children. Juarez may now be the most dangerous city in the entire world.

How much have you heard about this in the mainstream media, efore that FBI drug raid? Where are the daily casualty reports, like from Iraq (where the AP gave daily casualty reports on IRAQI deaths)?

It is obvious that this blog has been more accurate about the deteriorating situation in Mexico thatn almost anyone else--certainly than anyone in the mainstream media or political establishment.

P.S. It still annoys me that Google "spell check" knows how to spell "Juarez", but not "El Paso" (the "Paso" being highlighted).

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