Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Constitution: With D.C. Vote, Leftists Objectively Prove They Do NOT Believe in Our Constitution

This blog has previously established the following:

1. Leftists do not believe in free speech, except for themselves. Look at almost any leftist dominated university in this country (almost all of them).

2. Leftists do not believe in democracy. Look at abortion and the death penalty.

3. Leftists do not believe in either "truth" or "transparency". Look at the deception in this Obama "porkulus" bill, and the way it was rushed through without people even being given a chance to read it.

Mow a "new" item ha been added. Actually, it i snot "new", since it has been obvious for a very long time. But today proved it beyond any doubt.

4. Leftists do not believe in the Constitution. What leftists believe in is leftism, and what they think the Constitution should say. What it actually says is irrelevant to them. To leftist,s, it is a matter of authoritarian power, as they strive to have leftism imposed on the country by judicial fiat. They also adopt the "1984" tactic of the Big Lie, where they use their domination of the mainstream media to try to tell people that black is white, and that the Constitution does not mean what it says.

You doubt me? You really are a fool, aren't you? One item in today's news, which the mainstream media is pretty much ignoring (in terms of its blatant violation of the Constsitution), is that Congress is trying to vote to give the District of Columbia a vote in Congress. The District of Columbia now has a non-voting representative in the House. Problem: The Constitution clearly provides that ONLY states can be represented in Congress. The District of Columbia is not a state. Yet, leftists are not trying for a Constitutional Amendment, which they know will fail. They are simply trying to pass a law, and seem to be on the verge of passing it, that flagrangly violates the Constitution. Q.E.D Despite their bleating, when it suits their purpose, about the Constitution (such as about the supposed Constitutional "rights" of terrorists), leftists do not believe in the Constitution at all.

For those out there who say that it is "taxation without representation" for the District of Columbia to not be represented in Congress, go suck eggs. Our Constitution was formed by the states, and it is the states that for which the Constitution clearly provides representation in Congress. The District of Columbia is a Federal Government enclave, separate from the states, and that is the way the country was set up. For the District of Columbia to be represented in Congress would mean that the Federal Government itself would have representatives in Congress, and that violates the whole concept upon which our Federal Government was established. Whatever you think of the merits of this argument, it is what the Constitution SAYS. If you don't believe in the Constitution, as leftists do not, this is irrelevant to you.

P.S. Should leftist Democrats, and leftist Republicans, voting to violate the law--the Constitution being the supreme law of the land--in this flagrant manner be criminally prosecuted? Maybe. They should certainly all be voted out of office. It is another shame for the Repubican Party, which really has no honor left to stain, that Republicans are not raising more of a stink about this flagrant violation of the Constitution.

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