Thursday, February 5, 2009

!7 Billion Dollars a Day. Is This a New Democrat Strategy: Pass Our Stimulus Bill Quick Before We Go Totally Out of Control!!!

Yep. The Senate Democratic "stimulus" (pork) bill is rising 17 billion dollars per day. The price tag (which must come out of the private economy at some point--in borrowing, taxes, and inflation) rose 17 billion yesterday, to 905 billlion. This morning, CBS radio reported that the price tag had risen another 17 billion, to 922 billion (target:: 1 trillion, and counting). You might keep in mind that the government never underestimates the cost of a government program.

Is this a devious new Democrat strategy? Is the idea that everyone will want this bill passed sooner rather than later, just to keep the cost "down" ($17 billion a day could add up to "real" money, the more days this goes on!!!)? It is possible.

The question is: Will this Democratic excess fiannly, by default, give Republican Senators a spine--causing almost all of them to make the easy vote againt "Democrats Gone Wild" (at your vidoe store next month)? Or will Republicnas "fight" to reduce the bill to $850 billion (to pick an arbitrary number), and then "brag" that thye had "saved" the taxpayers money (even though the bill would still be larger than the "Total Failure" Pelosi House bill)? Stay tuned. I have confidence in Republican Senators. I have a feeling that they can find a way to betray consservatives yet. Already, their rhetoric has generally been wimpy, at best. It would be ironic if the Democrats saved Republican Senators from their own "wimpiness" by making it impossible for most Republicans to vote for the bill (and still call themselves Republicans, without causing uniniversal laughter and ridicule).

Then you have the dreaded Senate-House "conference committee" to hammer out the final details of the bill. The crimes that can occur there are legion, with wimpy Republicans again being tempted to ignore what is done, rather than expose it.

There is just no doubt. We are now on the express--not the local--to ward a centrally planned, socialist economy for the favored (not small businesses, in other words). Plus, we are on the express train toward bankruptcy as a country. Any future "recovery" will be derailed by the debt we are building.

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