Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Octuplets, and the "Fertility Industry"

Yes, I finally feel compelled to comment on that California single woman, with six children, who had octuplets with the aid of the "fertility industry" in America. Where is Planned Parenthood attacking the fertility industry (not the neutrotic woman, which accomplishes little or nothing)?

Planned Parenthood is not interested in taht battle. Taht is because Planned Parenthood is basically a religion in its pro-abortion fanaticism. Therefore, you might see Planned Parehntood attack the idea of a woman having this many children, but yo won't see Planned Parenthoood aggresively taking on the industry that made this abomination possible. In vitro fertilization involves the dstruction of embryoes. It is a regular tool of the fertility industry. Planned Parenthood likes that. Further, the whole idea of women "controlling" their reproduction ("choice", you know, even though the same people despise "choice" in most other areas, like bars allowing smoking or school vouchers). Feminists like the idea of fetuses and babies being regarded as the property of the "mother", and therefore they will not take on thsi industry.

I know. You know. Everyone knows that it should be illegal for anyone to aid a single mother with six children to have octuplets. How can you defend cracking down on "trans-fat", and fatty foods, and endorse an industry which promotes this kind of irrepsonsible behavior? You can't. It is unethical, and should be illegal (the "scientific" assittance--not the birth). This is conduct that endangers the prospective mother. It is condcut that endgangers the presopective children. It is conduct that damages the society that has to support, and deal with, the consequences. As I have said before in this blog, we are conducting a massive social experiment on our children in this country (from encouraging sexual promiscuity to homosexual marriage and adoptiong to in vitro fertilization and feritlity drugs to...--you fille in the blanks). Our children will be lucky to survive the experiment. In fact, it will be a miracle.

In vitro fertilization should be illegal. There is just no excuse for it. This "incident" illustrates that this would be true even if that kind of fertizliation was not dangerous to society in any number of other ways than encouraing the culture of abortion. I will go further. Fertility drugs (those that substantially increase the chance of multiple births) should be illegal. In the name of helping "infertile" women, or couples, we are encouraging an industry which is imposing an enormous, artificial, and unjustifed burden on society (much more than outlawed drugs that may produce birth defects or merely be ineffective in treating a disease). At the very least, of course, it should be illegal (and medically unethical) to give fertility drugs, or do in vitro fertilization on a woman who already has a child (or two children). But it surely should also be illegal to give this kind of "aid" to a woman who would not be allowed to adopt a child (poor, unmarried, for example). Nope. Mcuh better to simply outlaw the industry. It has no real social utility, and creates massive harm to society. Nope. I am sorry. I don't regard the mental "agony" of infertile couples, or lesbians who want children, to be an adequate "benefit" to outweigh the cost. I don't see that people who want children this obsessively are healthy individuals in the first place. If yo think they are, you might consider the case of this California woman again.

Yes, I think our inability, as a society, to take on an obvious problem like this, while we have become Nazis in our zeal to stop people from killing themselves by smoking--to the point of taxpayers having to support programs to "bail" them out, is one more symptome of our decay as a culture and nation.

P.S. No, I would not go down the road of trying to make it illegal for welfare women to have children (to use one example), or of making it illegal to have more than two children (another example). I regard that as way too much of a restriction on freedom, along wiht forced sterilization and the rest. However, we regulate drungs and medical procedures in this country. The idea that the fertility industry should be allwed to damage the rest of us in this way, in the name of "freedom", is absurd. As is true of any sane person, I do oppose welfare pocies encouraging welfare mothers to have more babies for economic reasons.

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