Friday, February 13, 2009

Leftist Democrats and President Obama: Damn Lies and "Transparency

Did you think I was too harsh when I called President Obama and his minions (including the CEO of Caterpillar) liars (see previous entry)? Haven't you learned yet? I was not, in fact, harsh enough. I should have clled them damn liars. The "explanation" afterward was so blatantly, and outrageoulsy deceptive as to suggest these people have total contempt for enveryone's intelligence--along with total confience the mainsttream media will back them up in every lie they tell. Yes, the "explanation" was that the CEO of Caterpillar had said that, although more layoofs were likely before any new hiring, that if this "stimulus" bill were passed, ALONG WITH SIMILAR ONES AROUND THE WORLD, eventually Caterpillar would be able to start hiring back the laid off people. If you think this is what Obama said when he tried to suggest that passing his "stimulus" bill would cause Caterpilar to be able to hire back laid off workers, then you are a lefitst liar yourself. The CEO of Caterpillar actually said that Obama's "stimulus" bill does not contain enough ingrastructure spending to mawerially help Caterpillar. Still not convinced?

Let us go to the "stimulus" bill itself. No, I am not going to belabor the pork spending and leftist wish list which make up the bill (instead of "stimulus", which in itself is a bad idea if the "stimulus" is spending). I am talking about the process by which the bill has become law.

What did President Obama tell you during the campaign? Do you remember? He expects lyou not to remember. He, and the Democrats, told you that they represented "change": a new era of transparency in government. You had leftist billionaire Mark Cuban, and all kinds of Democrats in Congress, out there saying that every single transaction under the Paulson Wall Street bailout plan should go on the internet (stupid as that particular suggestion was). The idea was that no longer would government act behind close doors. Everything woud be out in the open--something that Congress violated with regard to the Paulson bill itself by "sneaking" all kinds of pork into that bill.

Do leftist Democrats really believe in "transparency"? Not on your life. That is a lie. Yes, I am saying President Obama lied again. Of course, there is no question that the Democrats in Congress lied. Just like leftists do not really believe in democracy or free speech (see archives of this blog), they do not believe in "transparecy". In fact, they believe in the exact opposite. They believe in concealing what they are really doing to the maximum extent they can.

Thus, this "stimulus" bill passed without any single member of Congress having read the whole bill. That is because it was impossible for any one person to read the whole bill in the time available. Democrats (like Pelosi) had promised to post every singel bill on the internet for 48 hours prior to a vote. Congress people did not even have 24 hours to read the final "stimulus" bill. No one knows what is fuly in this bill. There was not time to examinine the final bill. What was the rush? There was no rush, except that Obama and the Democrats worriied that the more people had a chance to find out what was in the final bil, the more they would oppose the bill. Q.E.D.

Leftist Democrats do not believe in "transparency". That includes Obama. What they believe in is power, and their own agenda, and if they think concealment will advance that agenda, that is what they are going to do. No one has advanced a single argument as to why it was necessary to vote on this bill without even letting the members of Congress (much less the public) have a chance to read the whole bill.

Then there is the fact that there was no real "debate", or openness, about the whole bill. There were no real hearings on the bill. The bill did not go through the regular process. The Democrats drafted the bill without Repubican input. They did not allow amendments. The bill was rammed through in as much secrecy as possible, based totally on the FEAR (being the main Democratic argument in favor of the bill) that if we did not pass this bil, we were doomed. Of course, the stituation is the opposite. Passing this bill probably means our ultimate doom as a country, in combination with the leftist program yet to come.

Nope. I do not regret calling President Obama a liar. He is a liar. I am willing to state bluntly: Leftist Democrats in Congress (essentially all of them), and President Obama are not just liars. They are damn liars. This assertion that they believe in "transparency", debat, free speech, real democracy (where th people are heard), and openness is one of the damn lies. Leftist Democras (of the political kind) believe in power, and their agenda, and they don't care how they get it.

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