Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mexico: A Failed Country

The news from Mexico gets worse and worse--at least here on the front lines (so to speak) in El Paso. The mainstream media pretty much ignores it, in my experience.

Today there were two dispatches from the front. First, the mayor of Juarez is "on the run". Is that because he has committed a crime? Depends on how you look at it. He has "offended" the people who are really running Juarez, and maybe allof Mexico. I am talking about the drug cartels, who said that they would "get" the mayor, even if he and his family fled to El Paso. Yes, it should not surprise you that the mayor and his family have a house in El Paso. It is well established that most people in Mexico, a failed country, would rather live in the United States.

El Paso police assured everyone that they would protect the mayor, even against the drug cartels. It is unclear whether it is true, or some kind of feint, but the latest reports were that the mayor and his family were "on the run" in Mexico, rather than to El Paso. The earlier reports this morning suggested that the mayor's family, at least, may have fled to El Paso.

Then came the news that the governor of Chihuahua, the Mexican state in which Juarez is located, was shot at today. He was not hit, but one of his bodyguards was killed. One of the gunment was also killed, and it turns out he was an ex-military man. The military, of course, is now the entity on which Mexico is relying in its war with the drug cartels, since the police are corrupt. Problem: Many in the military are also corrupt.

I have been telling you for more than two years that Mexico is a failed country. I am being proven more right, as usual, every single day.

P.S. Google, by the way, appears never to have heard of El Paso (maybe not surprisingly), even though Google is evidently familiar with Juarez. I say that because Google "spell check" shades the "Paso" in "El Paso" in that pale yellow which is so hard for me to see, indicating that it is speelled wrong. I hate to break it to the Google, but I have lived in El Paso for some 35 years. I know how to spell it. Google should be ashamed for dissing El Paso this way, while getting a Mexican city right.

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