Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leftist Democrats Are Sanctimonous Hypocrites: Selling "Fear Itself"!!!!

Remember that leftist/mainstream media (redundancy) drumbeat of criticism of President Bush to the effect that President Bush was trying to use "fear" for political purposes (mainly "fear" of terrorists, and Democrats soft on terrorism)? Well, you might as well forget it. The leftists/mainstream media already have. It is now the main "weapon" being used by President Obama (no "all we have to fear is fear itself" from this President).

No one could make this up. Obama said today that if we do not passs Obama's recovery plan soon, we may never recover (Drudge, as usual, has one of those classic Drudge headllinesl). Even FDR did not go that far. We are not even in a Great Depressiion. It is true, of course, the recovery from the last Great Depression took World War II, and we may not want to wait for a world war. However, that analogy does not help Obama, since the massive expansion of government by FDR did not, in fact, help us out of the Great Depression . The dirtly little secret here is that the kind of action represeented lby this pork spending-=-oops! I mean "stimulus") bill may make it impossible for us to recover. That is a "fear" worth having.

I have long been calling leftist Democrats the worst sanctimnonious hyporcrites who ever walked the Earth. Further, they--and Obama--have to be the most inellectually dishonest people around (outside of some establishment Republicans, and Bush himself on Bush's own bailout and spending bills). Does it not show how bad this billl must be that Obama is bringing out the Armageddon card, so recently after Bush and Paulson falsely played the same card? And Obama is proposing more spending than even Bush ever thought of.

Some of you may wonder how good I must be to be proven right on such seemingly unprovable statements like: "Leftist Democrats are the worst sanctimonious hypocrites to ever walk the Earth. Well, I am good. But I also know these people.

Don't hold your breath for leftists and the mainstream media to start criticizing Obama for this outrageous attempt to use "fear"to advance his own political agenda--even though Bush had more excuse in the War on Terror.

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