Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Barack "Wrold" Obama and Deceptive Gall: Playing Games with Deficits

I don't know whether "admire" is the right word, but you have to admire (or whatever) the collosal gall of President Barack "World" Obama.

He is promising to "cut the deficit in half", after more than doubling the deficit--while at the same time criticizing President Bush for the size of his deficits..

This is an interesting tactic. Democrats (who are adding 8% to this year's main spending bill, on top of the "stimulus"/porkulus bill) are increasing this year's deficit so high that cutting that deficit in half will leave us with a deficit probably as high as the highest deficit of the Bush years.

For example, if Democrats manage to create a 3 trillion dollar defict this year (not likely to be quite that high, but two trillion might not be out of reach), then Obama would be aiming to "decrease the deficit in 4 years to 1.5 trillion.

This truly is gall. Not only do you engage in the standard deception of promising future spending limits, while increasing current spending and taxes, but you increase the current deficit to the point that it is easier to claim you actually have lowered the deficit later.

Then there is Obama's "plan" to reduce military spending--at the same time he is promising to increase our commitment in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he promises to increase taxes on the "rich" and "business". Leaving aside what this will do to the economy, do you realize that Obama's increased taxes may raise NO increased revenue? Do you remember Obama's response to Joe the Plumber, indicating that he does not care so much about government revenue as he does about redistributing the wealth? Higher taxes just mean that people make more effort to avoid taxes, as well as reducing government revenue by depressing productive economic activity.

This is all the usual leftist approach: tax and spend, and make your cuts only in the military budget. It does not work. It cannot work. It has never worked. It will not work.

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