Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Journalists" Are Brain Dead Stupid. Do We All Agree?

Yes, CBS radio "reporteed" this morning that: "Elveryone agrees that the government has to DO SOMETHING, but there is disagreement over what." First, this is not "news", but opinon. I doubt if the people "reporting" even undeerstand that. Second, it is falses. How do I know it is false? Easy. I am part of "everyone", and I definitely do not agree with that statement. We are, of course, talking about the expanding pork "stimulus" packaage.

If you don't understqand that the first, second and third options for the Federal Government are to do absolutely NOTHING, then you are not a conservative. In fact, I would argue you are not an intelligent, thinking human being. The idea that the Federal Government must "save" us has an assumption (when you "assume", you make an ass of you and me). That assumption is that central planning works. History disproves that. What is worse, there is no theoretical way that central planning can work, since no human being (much less the people in Congress and the Federal Government) has enough information, and enough wisdom, to make central planning work Only one person ever came close--aruably, if we agree that He was the Son of God. Yes, central planning is the centerpiece of all authoritarian systems, including fascism and Communism.

If you believe in central planning, you have a heavy burden to explain why--considering that both history and theory say you are stupid. If you do not believe in central planning, you have a heavy burden to defend any proposed central planning program (which means any Federal Government program). The more comprehesnsive and large the proposed program is, the more inmpossible it is to defend. Even lower taxes, which is not a central planning "solution", is something that must be sold on the merits (and NOT as the Federal Government "doing somethiing" to "save" us). Even as to lower taxes, especially "targeted" tax relief, the first option is to do nothing. Reagan showed that there is a better option. But today's special tax break proposals, and complicated, shoret term proposals, are not better than doing nothing (for the most part).

" 'Journalists' are brain dead stupid." Do more people agree with this statement, or with the statement that the Federal Government must DO SOMETHING to "save" us, even if it means spending trillions of dollars that will eventually come out of the private economy? I submit to you that it is more conrrect that "everyone" agrees with the first statement, than that "everyone" agree with the second.

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