Tuesday, February 3, 2009

U.S. Senate: Graveyard of Principle (and of this country?)

"Lobbyists for industry and labor are gearing up to add costly proposals Tuesday to the Senate's nearly $890 billion economic stimulus package.
Florida citrus growers, California wine growers and a range of agricultural interests are pushing a tiny change that would allow farmers to more quickly depreciate new fields. High-tech and pharmaceutical companies want to save billions in taxes by including a plan that would allow them to bring overseas profits back home at lower tax rates. Labor unions are pressing Congress to make sure that new government funding for green technology results in jobs with good pay and benefits for workers."

The above is from a Wall Steet Journal article linked on Drudge today.

Did you doubt me when I explained to you how it was folly to rely on the Senate to "correct" the Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi pork bill that passed the House (on a straight party line vote, except some Democrasts joined the bipartisan Republican vote)? APOLOGIZE (to me). That is an order.

The above article tells you all you need to know about how Wasington pork, and spending in general, works. Everyone has their hand out (inlcuding the politicians themselves, and their favorite government "charities"--including for-profit "charities").

This "stimulus" bill is beyond stupid. It is central lplanning pork/socialism/fascism/Communism at its worst. It is an invitation to every lobbyist in Washington, or out of Washington, to try to get money for the employer of the lobbyist. It is an invitation to every Congress person to "earmark" into the bill his or her favored project(s).

Thus, the Seante may deep six some of the more ridiculous provisions added by "Total Failure" Pelosi and her House Democrats. (By the way, does the universal condemantion of the idiotic provisions in the House bill mean that EVERY Democrat in the House who voted for the bill should be defeated next election? I think so). It does not mean a thing.

While deleting some fo the Pelosi stupidities (adding up to a relatively minor amount of money), the Senate fully intends to ADD 10 to 100 times as much money (or more) than the amount deleted from the House bill.

Does that mean EVERY Senator, includng almost all of the Republicans, should be defeated the next time each runs. Damn right, as I have been telling you for some time.

P.S. I any but about 5 Republican Senators want to explain to me why my total contempt for them is unjustified, feel free. I will then feel free to destroy you in this blog, and you know by now I can.

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