Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sarah Palin Is Not Responsible for the Sexual Sins, or Comments, of Her Adult Children

For those of you that agree with my friend, "Three Line" Ton, and some comments I have received, this entry distills the previous (really long) entry on Sarah Palin to less than three lines:

Sarah Palin is not responsible for the sexual morality ("sins") of her essentially adult teenage kids, or for what they say (Gestapo tactics to suppress their free speech not being a good idea).

P.S. For those of you who do not know "Three Line" Tony, that nickname came from Tony's insistence that no one on the internet--whether it be emails or blogs--reads more than three lines. My only female friend, Sylvia, agrees with Tony, and further says I am too negative. Sylvia voted for Obama because he is so "positive", even though what he "positively" says today is usually different from what he "positively" said yesterday--not to mention that Obama is following in Paulson's tradition by absolutely trashing our economy. Every aspect of this economy, to Obama, is "beyond anything we have ever experienced before (untrue). Did you notice, by the way, that Obama simply lied several times in his speech signing the "porkulus" bill. One lie was that "interest rates have been skyrocketing". What world does Obama live in? Short term Fed rates have been reduced to zero. Long term mortgage rates are lower than they have almost ever been. Now present policies will CAUSE interest rates to "skyrocket". Either the money we (the Federal Government) are spending that we do not have will cause the Federal Government to have to compete with private borrowers to borrow the money (raising interest rates), or the government will essentially print the money (raising interest rates). The result of prsent socialist policies is inevitably much higher interest rates in the future, derailing any recovery. If the government tries to control interest rates, in the face of the forces it is unleashing with unprecedented spending, then the result will be even greater eventual disaster.

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