Friday, February 13, 2009

President Obama: Liar; Caterpillar CEO: Another Liar

I am sorry. There is just no kinder word to use about President Barack "World" Obama than "liar". What President Obama and his minions say today contradicts what they said yesterday so often, and so obviously, that no other word is adequate.

Obama actually gave a speech (could not make this up) in a "photo op" with the CEO of Caterpillar. That CEO of Caterpillar evidently happens to be part of that "economic council" of Obama. You would assume they talk to each other (Obama and the CEO of Caterpillar).

Well, Obama made this speech like yesterday, and called the head of Caterpillar by his first name. Obama said that "Jim" (or whatever) had just promised that if Congress passed this por/spending/"stimulus" bill, Caterpillar would be able to "hire back" many of the people who had just been laid off. The deliberate message was that this would happen immediately, fromt he mere passage of the "stimulus" bill.

That was yesterday, and it was a lie. Today (see link on Drudge), that same CEO of Caterpillar is sayingn that there will have to be MORE layoffs (despite the "stimulus" bill), before Caterpillar is able to start hiring again, in all likelihood.

Do these people CARE that they are liars? don't think so. It is time to quote this blog on this fundamental characteristic of leftists (including the newly minted fascists/Communists of Big Businesses and Wall Street, such as this CEO of Caterpillar):

Leftists lie. They lie routinely, and as a matter of course. They lie without guilt, in a "higher" cause than truth. They lie to advance their agenda, and for perceived political advantage. They lie in the expectation that they now control the mainstream media.

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