Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deficit Math

Some of you may have doubted when I used an example of a 3 tirllion dollar 2009 deficit to expose the fraud in Obama's "promise" to "reduce" the deficit in half by the end of his first term. I told you that 3 trillion was probably too high, although illustrating the point, but that the budget deficit might well reach 2 trillion (where, not so long ago, it was big mainstream media "news" that the Bush Administration was proposing a 3 trillion dollar budget--the entire budget). Never doubt me.

One item of news today is that the Obama Administration is now projecting the 2009 deficit to be 1.75 trillion. 2 trillion is clearly "doable". Chalk up another correct prediction for this blog.

You will note that HALF of 2 trillion is one trillion dollars. Thus, this "promise" by Obama to cut the deficit half by 2013 means "reducing" the deficit to a mere one trillion dollars (IF the promise is kept, and it is only a future promise while present spending is still increasing--Obama unveiling a 634 billion dollar healthcare "reform" that he calls a "down payment").

What a guy!!!! (our new President)

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