Friday, February 27, 2009

Jews: Deserving What They Get

No, the title does not refer to Jews "deserving" the Holocaust, which no one "deserves".

Conservatives have been the main source of support for Israel over the last several decades, despite aberrations like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. Leftists, including President Obama, have been the main people often excusing Islamic terrorists, and advocating "talking" to people who want Israel to cease to exist.

Has not mattered. Jewish "leaders", New York Jews (including thoses transplanted to Florida), and even American Jews generally have mostly supported leftists. They profess to be nervous about the influence of the Christian "right" in conservative circles.

Well, you deserve what you get when you are this stupid (a principle generally applied in this blog, including with regard tothe Stupidest People on Earth: Wall Street). Today's news (see Drudge headline) is about how Jewish "leaders" are blasting Hillary Clinton for her criticism of Israel.

I have no sympathy for Jews on this one (as I have little for the country as a whole in electing people who have led us down the road to leftist contol and socialism). Hillary Clinton is a leftist. President Obama is a leftist. Jews knew that they could not trust these people as to Mideast policy. If you are so dumb that you think what Hillary Clinton said to be elected Senator from New York is something upon which Jews can rely forever, then Jews really do deserve what they get.

I did not see too many prominent Jews out there campaigning hard against Barack "World" Obama. As with Republican politicians who supported bailouts and spending under President Bush (and even now are putting earmarks in Democratic spending bills), and who then say they are acting upon principle in opposing Democratic spending and bailouts, for Jews to whine now leaves me cold.

What you do has consequences. If Jewish leftism leads to the destruction of Israel, they have only themselves to blame.

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