Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexico: A Failed Country (Continued)

This is a follow up to the previous entry today about the currrent news from Juarez, Mexico about posted signs saying more police officers will be killed if the police chief does not immediately resign.

The police second in command, and three other police officers, were killed in Juarez yesterday (or in the past few days). 50 police officers have been killed in Juarez in the past year.

In the meantime, there has only been one murder (of any kind) in El Paso this year. Bottom line: Mexico is a failed country, while this is a successful country (until, anyway, the Age of Obama).

The drug wars in Mexico are beginning to spill over to this country. However, El Paso has not yet been much affected (for whatever reason). The contrast between El Paso and Juarez, where the people are similar (for the most part) but only the countries and systems are different, reamins a very stark contrast between a successufl country and a failed one.

Nothing makes more clear the necessity of controlling our Southern border, and controlling illegal immigration (as Mexico tries to export its prolems here).

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