Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mexico, A Failed Country

These ("Mexico, a Failed Country" entries) are dispatches from the front lines of the battle to control our Southern border.

The last few days, the news in El Paso--on this side of the border with Jurarez, Mexido, El Paso's sister city across the Rio Grande--has been the FIRST murder of the year. Yes, El Paso (where I live) jsut suffered its first murder of the year.

Nothing tells you more about the difference between the U.S.A. and Mexico than this. Becuase the news from the Juarez side of the border today was grim. Nine people were kidnapped by a drug gang, and six were "executed. Mexico, by the way, has the nerve to say they oppose capital piunishment, and even protensts the execution--in this country--of Mexican nationals who have committed murder. No better argument for capital punishment has ever been made. For that news from Juarez today was that the drug gang then got in a drug battle with Mexican soldiers. 14 drug gang members were killed. One soldier was evidently killed. Hundreds of people have already been killed this year in drug cartel viotence in and around Juarez.

Yes, I can certify that the people in El Paso are mainly the same ethnic type as the people in Juarez. I, myself, am of Swedish/Scottish/American Indian/whatever desecent. But my wife was Mexican-American (still alive, but we are divorced, as she came to her senses). My children are 50% Mexican-American. I can certify, that the difference between Mexico and the United States is not really the people (although I think that may be changing as Mexican-Americans in the U.S. become radicalized and committed to the corrupt Mexican ways). It is the system in Mexico that is a failure.

Have no fear, you anti-American types out there who are guilty over our success. I am confident Obama, Pelosi and Reid are going to bring the Mexican ideology to the U.S.. Mexico, after alll, has a leftist ideology, to go with the pervasive corrption that Obama's Chicago might envy. Not only is Obama bringing the lMexican ideology to this country, but I am confident Obama favors an "open border" with Mexico--for political reasons.

(ne murder versus hundreds. I am confident we can match Mexico, once we give up on this strange idea that ewe can control our Southern border.

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