Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi: "500 Million Americans To Lose Jobs Unless "Stimulus" Bill Passes"

Nancy Pelosi was the recipient of this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate award (see Sunday blog entry). I have called her the dubmbest woman "leader" (of any kind) to ever live. I also said she was in competion for the title of dumbest woman, of any kind, who has ever walked the Earth. You ask how this blog could ever be proven right on a claim like this, therby extending the 99.1%, documented accuracy percentage of this blog? I am glad you asked that question, because Nancy "Total Failure" Pelosi has mananged to prove this blog right mere days after the claim was made.

"Nancy Pelosi: Dumber than soap. Nancy claims that we lose 500 million American jobs each month we don't pass her $1 trillion pork barell spending boondoggle."

The above story, and video, are now linked on Drudge in connection with this headline: "500 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs Each Month". You just gotta love Drudge.

For you leftists out there, I must mention that there are not 500 million Americans living in this country, even if you count every man, woman and child. Who knows what "Ttoal Failure" Pelosi meant to say. The first assumption is that she meant to say exactly what she did say. The woman is DUMB.

Q.E.D. The accuracy rating of this blog just went up again.

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